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Know Why India’s Gaming Industry is on The Rise

India’s Gaming Industry

The popularity of games continues to grow – and the pandemic has played a crucial role in that growth. For instance, mobile game downloads have increased amid the pandemic, clocking 4.8 billion installs. Nearly 60% of the population below the age of 25 have contributed to this growth.  Let’s look at the critical reasons behind India’s Gaming Industry gaming growth:

Easy Access to Smartphones and Internet:

Smartphones are easily accessible, with various brands offering highly innovative and affordable devices. It means a significant proportion of the population possesses smartphones with excellent features. Moreover, the easy access to speedy internet connections has made online gaming growth possible. It’s estimated that over 34 million people play daily, with youths under 25 accounting for most of the players. These factors enable mobile users to have the highest stakes in the gaming world at 85%, including PC and tablet users at 11% and 4%, respectively.  

A Young Market:

India has more than 50% of its population below the age of 25 and more than 65% below the age of 35. Due to its high population of youths, it has become one of the markets with the largest potential for online gambling. Young population is also open to playing risk-based games. As a result, the popularity of trusted Indian casino sites has grown . Moreover, getting into these markets isn’t difficult due to the availability of gaming review websites offering constructive insights and tips on gambling.

 Scope for New Players:

The availability of various games online has taken the industry to a new level. As a result, the scope for new developers has widened, allowing them to utilize the available technologies and trends to offer lucrative gaming options. 

Reviews and Trends

Today, several sites offer regulated and licensed gaming platforms. More importantly, the presence of trustworthy websites offering reviews and guides has enabled users to venture into different gaming markets. These include gambling platforms, augmented reality games, mobile games, and so much more.

 Second Largest Online Market- India’s Gaming Industry

With over 560 million internet users, the country is the second-largest online market globally. However, if you follow the latest predictions, by 2023, the number will increase to 650 million users. With the number of internet users increasing, gaming has also seen a boost, especially online gaming. People are now searching for online gaming options where they can play with other players from all over the world.

The COVID 19 Effect- India’s Gaming Industry

With the ongoing pandemic still looming large, the way people use smartphones has also transformed, resulting in enhanced screen time. Apart from using social media platforms, more and more people are turning to their smartphones for entertainment. As a result, the pandemic has led to a shoot in gaming traffic. The gaming industry is set to lead globally due to increasing general interest and investment in the gaming culture. 

Localization of Games

The fundamental approach to developing games is that people like playing games they grew up playing or similar. The main contributor to the rise of this gaming industry is the localization of game content. It has led to most companies directing their energy on localizing games and adding unique features. Additionally, they add games with a user-friendly interface to ensure everyone can play them easily.

Availability of Social Games

Card games are enjoyed by a significant number of people in the country and can be considered a sort of a culture. The majority of people have memories of playing a card game like teen Patti with friends and family on different occasions or during festivals. Today people are busy with work, and they don’t get time to come together to play. However, mobile game apps have made it possible to enjoy their favorite game at any given time and anywhere.

Digitization of Traditional Games

The digitization of traditional games has changed the game industry in the country. Local game developers are dominating the gaming market with their local games. They have played a significant role in digitizing popular games like teen Patti and rummy. It has made it possible for gaming companies to connect with local people through digitization.

Availability of Multiplayer Games

The availability of multiplayer games has contributed to the growth of the country’s gaming industry. The main advantage is that online games don’t have player limitations. It has eliminated the need for people to meet to play. In addition, people can play these games online and win cash prizes. These games include rummy and teen Patti, where rummy leads in downloads on Google Play.

There is a lot of potential in this industry, meaning there is still a need for new developers offering unique solutions. That’s especially true now, as more people are turning to online gaming for entertainment as the pandemic continues to interrupt people’s lives.

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