Metaschool Unveils Course on Creating Kanye West AI Bot using OpenAI API

Metaschool, a prominent online education platform for future skills, has launched a new course titled “Build a Kanye Chatbot using OpenAI API“. The platform is currently supported and backed by Sequoia Capital, Polygon Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Global Ventures as well as several angel investors.

The OpenAI API course is designed to train developers on how to develop their own Kanye West chatbot utilizing the latest GPT-4 model technology and mimicking the personality and style of the renowned rap and hip-hop star.

“We are thrilled to provide developers with an opportunity to learn how to create an AI chatbot that not only enables them to apply the most recent technology but is also enjoyable and imaginative,” said Fatima, CEO & Founder of Metaschool.

Furthermore, she added, “We believe that the Kanye West AI online tutorial will encourage and challenge developers to expand the limits of what is feasible with AI technology. It will inspire them to combine their creativity and technology in one place.”

The YeBot course will provide practical training in AI model development, utilizing advanced technology tools, and building critical thinking skills necessary to work with complex and abstract concepts.

The course curriculum will cover the following:

  1. Discovering what OpenAI API is and how it works
  2. Learning the fundamentals of OpenAI API and unlocking its full potential – no cap.
  3. Playing with OpenAI Playground and writing your first few prompts
  4. Setting up the development environment and getting your hands on your OpenAI credentials
  5. Creating a simple GPT-4 model and witnessing the magic of AI-powered responses – it’s gonna be mind blowing!
  6. Building a NextJS app and creating a local Python server API to connect the application with the model and get replies from Kanye himself

The course is available to all developers, regardless of their prior knowledge. However, learning new tech is always easier when you’ve got some prior knowledge. So, before diving into OpenAI and AI model development, we recommend brushing up on the following:

  1. API basics – helpful to have a basic understanding of APIs and how to use them
  2. Critical thinking – complex and abstract concepts in OpenAI and AI need some solid critical thinking skills
  3. Python installed – it’s beneficial to already have installed Python 3.8 in your system that can be used to run simple Python programs

Enrol in the Kanye AI Bot course today, free-of-cost.

About Metaschool
Metaschool is a top online developer education platform focused on Web3 and AI technologies. They provide courses and assistance on the most recent technology, future skills, and developer career advancement.


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