How to attach molle gear to your belt?

How to attach molle gear to your belt?

The PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) is a system for attaching personal equipment. It was developed for the MOLLE carrying system and is used in both the military and civilian sectors (e.g. for work clothing). PALS provides a great deal of versatility and customization options for those who need to be able to attach various pieces of equipment to their clothing or gear, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs to be able to access their gear quickly and easily.

The zipper pocket on the M is attached to the Standard deployment backpack, but this example can be applied to any other bag equipped with PALS. The molle belt system is a manufacturer-independent standard, so tactical equipment from other manufacturers can be combined with Bentaluron gear. This way you can easily mix and match products to create the perfect set of gear for your needs.

The Zentauron Faststick system is a great way to attach things quickly and easily, without needing any extra components like snaps or buckles.

1.Prepare and use first strap loop on carrier

Before going any further, lay the bag on top of the carrier to get an idea of where it will be attached. Make sure that there are still enough straps on the carrier to securely attach the bag.

Take the two straps on the back of the bag and thread them through the first strap loop on the carrier. Depending on the type of bag, this will be approximately where the top edge of the bag will sit on the carrier.

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2. Secure the straps

Tighten the two straps to secure the bag to the carrier.

3. Thread the webbing through the first loop on the pouch

Feed the two webbing straps through the webbing of the pouch. Again, tighten the webbing at the end.

4. Use the next loops on the carrier

The first connection is made.

5. Pass webbing through the next steps on the poach

The same principle applies as in step three, only with the seconds loop on the pouch peace.

6. Push webbing through all loops of the pouch

When the webbing has been passed through all the loops on the carrier side, push the end of the webbing through all the loops on the pouch side to give the connection a strong hold.

There are a variety of military pouches available, each serving a specific purpose. Multi-purpose pouches and accessories pouches are used to store and carry a variety of items, while magazine pouches, magazine panels and ammunition pouches are designed specifically for carrying magazines and other ammunition.

Medic pouches, such as IFAK pouches and tourniquet bags, are used for first aid and emergency medicine, while radio equipment pouches are used to carry communication devices. Admin pouches and organizers are used to store maps, writing pads, GPS devices and smartphones.

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