Monograms – Spice Up Your Wedding with Monogram Designs

Monograms are an excellent way to customize your wedding. You could get everything from the dress to the food monogrammed. You see, it can offer a good sense of style to your event. However, it is vital to make certain that the monogram design you use is what you truly like.

Even though it’s easier and cheaper to order them pre-made from, if you can design them yourselves, then it’s a good way. It will guarantee it is what you want. Even though you’re not great a designer, do not settle on what’s already there. Today, it’s possible for everybody to design their own monograms if they like to.

Designing Your Own Monogram

Are you good at computers? If yes, you will find some very good programs, which could help you design your own monogram. They are simple to use, and if you get the right one, you could create good designs effortlessly.

All you need to do is to put your design into a disk. Then, give it to a company who will do the monogram for you. Make sure that the company you tasked to do this is experienced in making a monogram. Fortunately these days, most companies utilize computers so it won’t be a concern.

Affordable Monograms

After the monograms become cheap for everybody, the ideas for their use multiplied. It became well-known to have bathroom cloth monogrammed in the 20s, and that was especially famous for newlyweds.

A customized towel symbolized that you knew the couple enough to make a special gift for them as a couple instead of two single individuals just married. It was something unique between the buyer and the recipient. You might see different sets of towels, but every monogrammed towel set was personal and unique from the buyer. The majority of personalized wedding monograms are composed of three letters.

  • the initial of the first name to the left part along with the initial of
  • the last name slightly bigger in the middle
  • the initial of the middle name on the right part

Uses of Monograms in Wedding

Couples often utilize a monogram in their wedding invitations. This is composed of two letters of their first name. They might also use a monogram with 3 letters; including the initial of their shared last time.

A monogram theme enables you to be creative with your wedding favors. You could find them at all price range. If money isn’t a problem, you might like to have bottles of wine with customized labels. If you’re searching for a bit more cost-efficient, you might like to go with matchbooks designed with your monogram. Coasters, hand fans, mini notebooks, and bottled water could also be monogrammed and utilized as favors.

If you are considering having sweets on the tables at your wedding reception, you might like to consider monogrammed candies or cookies. These are all available in any shape, sizes, and flavor. You can find a large selection of monogram designs at Design Bundles for your wedding. Shop now!

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