Must-Known Things about Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring

Have you ever heard about online proctoring? If not, this blog will help you learn everything about online proctoring. Usually, proctoring refers to the examination mechanism accessed to verify the credibility of the test applicant and even prevent them from cheating. 

The service of the proctor is required who remains present throughout the examination. In simple words, the proctored examination is the test where you are being monitored by an experienced professional. Various types of proctoring examinations exist, but recently, online proctoring has been gaining immense popularity. The guest posting provides you with all the latest news related to technology.

What does online proctoring mean?

Online proctoring is the primary type of digital evaluation through which applicants can attempt the examination from anywhere. This exam is usually conducted through online software, which enables students to sit for the tests. The monitoring software keeps watching you and ensures that the examination is completed without cheating. So, it prevents fraudulent activity. 

Different types of online proctoring 

Online proctoring is often referred to as remote proctoring and online exam proctoring. It utilizes the software or services to monitor students who take the online tests. Here are the significant types of online proctoring.

  • Live online proctoring 

In this type, the students who take the examination will monitor in real-time through the audio-video live streaming and screen shares. Additionally, a proctor is stationed at the remote location and monitors up to 12-20screens in a grid view. 

  • Advanced automated proctoring 

Here, AI software monitors the students and alerts the live proctor whenever the fraudulent activity is detected. AI software will take care of everything and provide features such as screen share and audio-visual recordings. These things will help the proctor find misleading and fraudulent activity.

  • Recorded proctoring

It differs entirely from the live and webcam proctored test. Instead of providing live streaming, everything gets recorded to be viewed later by the qualified proctor. In addition, screen shares and audio-visual recordings are also recorded during the test. So, the proctor will make a fair decision while viewing the recordings. 

There has been a massive development in the online test industry in the last few years. Online examinations have become the most common type of testing in which students are evaluated according to their domain knowledge. It also renders enough convenience and flexibility for the students and exam conductors. 

How does online proctoring work?

The online proctoring software integrates with the LMS (Learning Management System). A direct LMS integration assists make everything easy for the faculty and students. 

Since it streamlines implementation, there is no need for extra logins and passwords. In addition, it renders a familiar environment for the faculty and students. Here is the step-by-step procedure to understand the working of the online proctoring.

  • At first, candidates should do the online registration for the examination by giving their details such as name, class, and others asked by the online proctored exam software. It helps you to complete the online registration successfully. 
  • Next, the candidates need to log in to the online proctoring software with the given credentials. Once the authentication process is performed well, candidates can proceed with the exam.
  • Based on the type of online examination, candidates will provide specific instructions initially. They need to follow the rules of the test properly. A proctor will be there to monitor the students once the online exam starts.

Once you complete the examination, you can end the session and continue with your work. That’s enough! The entire process of online proctoring is straightforward and valuable. Due to this, many institutions wish to use the online proctoring software to conduct the online test for the students. 

Different software comes with other features such as additional browser disablement, random video monitoring, etc. Therefore, you can choose the software with the required features to enjoy its benefits thoroughly.

Reasons to use online proctoring 

Have you ever wondered why to use online proctoring? Look below to learn the significant reasons to do so.

  • Boosts fair test environment 

Many believe that online proctoring is to find students who cheat on the online examination. But, it is more than that. If proctoring is performed correctly, it helps create an equitable and fair testing environment for every student. So, they will perform well and showcase their skills quickly.

  • Safeguards institutional reputation

Reputation is more valuable for higher education institutions. So, they pay more attention to both online and campus programs. Every institution needs to conduct an online examination in the changing learning environment. As a result, they engage with the online exam proctoring service or software. It helps them conduct the test without any fraudulent activity and maintains the institution’s reputation. 

Do’s and don’ts of online proctored examination

Are you going to attend the online proctored test? If yes, you should know about the essential things to do and not to do. It helps you perform well in the examinations and score the best mark. Visit here

  • Always use the laptop or personal computer with the recommended specifications to avoid hassles. Ensure you have good internet connectivity before attempting the exam.
  • It is mandatory to have a mic and webcam to take the online proctored examination. Make sure your seat has a plain background and has proper lighting. 
  • Avoid using digital devices such as mobile phones during the examination. Do not try to navigate from the examination window because your test screen window will be proctored for the whole examination.
  • If any suspicious activity is observed during the test, the examination will be canceled. The test screen will appear before the examination begins and thus you do not leave the test screen.

Closing thoughts

Online proctored software/service is a boon for all the students and institutions. Real-time monitoring guarantees the best practices and lets the institutions manage the fair examinations. It acts as the band-aid for overcoming cheating and fraudulent activities. It also helps the proctor monitor the students attending online tests in a stress-free manner. Overall, it acts as the best, hassle-free, and safe testing solution for students, faculty, and institution. 

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