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The developers of Mostbet software do not stand still. They are constantly upgrading their applications. Naturally, taking into account all the amendments and feedback from players. That is why it is so important to constantly monitor and check whether the version you use is up to date. In the following article you will find free and safe instructions on how to download Mostbet app for Android and iOS. This can be done on both systems without any problems.  You will also read about the pros of current versions and a lot of other valuable information.

Mostbet app review

One of the most convenient and comfortable apps for making money in India at the moment is Mostbet. It was created with care for its Indian users. The app is very easy to use since it is designed in a minimalistic style. Absolutely everyone can understand it. It is easy to find the sport on which they want to bet. He will also be able to contact support if he needs to ask any questions. For you to be aware of all the parameters of this application, below is a clear list:

  • Size – 60 MB;
  • Weight of apk-file – 19 MB;
  • Application version 1.5;
  • Including cricket bets;
  • Supported operating systems – android, iOS;
  • Terms of download – free of charge;
  • Access to broadcasts – yes;
  • Sports betting access – yes; 
  • Customer support – yes, 24/7, also in Hindi language.

Now you are aware of the main features and benefits of the Mostbet app. 

Advantages of a mobile app over a website

To compare Mostbet app on android or iOS and the mobile (adaptive) version of the bookmaker’s website, we have prepared the following simple and clear table for you:

For android, iOS For mobile sites
For android, the work of the program is less sensitive to the quality of the Internet connection. Yes. Because of specially developed technical algorithms, the application is able to work even at low speeds and poor Internet quality.  The situation with mobile sites is just the opposite. Here, the speed and quality of the download depends directly on your connection. 
The application allows you to enter your personal account using biometric parameters (face or fingerprint scanner). This significantly simplifies the work and makes it more comfortable. You won’t have to enter your login and password all the time, which will also save you a lot of time. The site does not allow you to log in based on biometric parameters, but it does allow you to save data to the clipboard. Which is also good, but the app wins this battle.
The program has, as far as possible, reduced the likelihood of a miss-click. All fragments are designed and constructed clearly and understandably. You can be sure of your actions. Whereas a mobile site is an infinite amount of information that is periodically updated. Sometimes the player, confidently clicking on the seemingly necessary fragment, activates not what he needed. 
Also in the program there is an opportunity to download current updates, which are created for the constant improvement of the application. Naturally, the developers take feedback into account and regularly introduce new features or correct errors or fragments that do not meet the requirements of the players. The mobile site is modernized less frequently. In addition, the processes and characteristics of these upgrades are slightly different. This is more of a technical issue.

So from this table you should have understood all the advantages of a mobile app over a website.

How to update Mostbet?

One of the most important and meaningful steps for your successful gaming is to update your app. It won’t take you long. Also, this action is as simple and clear as possible. It is necessary to do this in order to keep up to date with the latest developments in world sports.

Updating is the same for both iOS and Android users, follow these steps:

  1. You need to log in to the Mostbet app from your phone;
  2. And if a new version is available, the system will automatically send you a notification, which you have to accept;
  3. Then wait for the update to fully download;
  4. Close the app and open it again. 

In this way, the program version will be updated.

About general improvements after the upgrade

As has been said many times before, the updating process itself is very important. If you really want to keep up with all the current events in world sports. But it should be noted that the developers do an extremely large amount of preparatory work before conducting the improvement processes. This preparatory do includes:

  • Data collection;
  • And information analysis.

All necessary information is taken only from personal users. Many different sources and sites are used to gather this information. These are usually evaluations as well as reviews. This information then goes through long stages of analysis. Specifically these stages of analysis include various checks and tests conducted by the developers themselves. All the actions of these processes have only one goal. This is to make the use of the interface convenient, simple and enjoyable for absolutely every player. 

Also involved in the update process are various technical checks and tests of the application’s contents. This is done to ensure that all internal mechanisms always work smoothly. Since errors and malfunctions are inevitable from time to time, nothing lasts forever. Therefore, the underlying system itself also needs to be repaired.

About updates in the new version of Mostbet

From what has been written above, a simple conclusion can be drawn. That indeed the update makes significant changes to the Mostbet app. For clarity and simplicity, we have compiled a list for you below:

  1. In the new version, the main internal system works smoothly;
  2. Internet connection sensitivity is completely irrelevant, as the application is optimized for any quality of your line;
  3. Smooth and crisp action, everything works like well-oiled parts;
  4. Loading speeds are instantaneous, the developers care about players’ time;
  5. Beauty and not flashy in design and interface, everything is adjusted to the human eye, not crudely, but to be pleasant and comfortable to use. 

These are not the main reasons why indie players regularly update their app.


As you can see, Mostbet has many different features and options that other bookmakers don’t have. For example, the possibility to register in different ways. Besides, after reading this article, you should have no more questions about updating the app and why it is so important to do it regularly. But if it is still necessary, you can always contact the support team. It’s available 24/7. They also know how to serve in Hindi.

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