Online Betting Sites in India: Making Payments in Rupees

Online Betting Payments in Rupees

Bettors will undoubtedly prefer to deposit and withdraw in their local currencies on online betting sites when placing bets. Dealing in the local currency is not only more convenient, but it also saves money on conversion fees. Recently, only a few reliable betting websites accepted Indian Rupee. However, the list has now grown to include many more which you can check out on . These Online Cricket Betting ID sites accept INR deposits, withdrawals, and even online bets on sports like cricket, horse racing, and others. Let’s see Online betting sites in India for making payments in Rupees.

How to Make Payment Using Indian Rupee (INR) on Betting Sites

We recommend using the following payment methods for betting online.


There is simply no more reliable technique to deposit and withdraw money from online betting establishments. E-wallets, like PayPal, are essentially online bank accounts. They provide a layer of privacy that the other approaches do not. There are certain fees involved with e-wallets, but they are well worth it for the convenience they provide. However, the biggest disadvantage of using an e-wallet is that the process of creating an account can take several days, largely due to verification.

Bear in mind that when you create an account with an e-wallet, you will be asked which currency you prefer. If you want to primarily utilize sites that accept INR, make sure you select Indian Rupees. Normally, once an account has been created, this configuration cannot be modified.

Credit/Debit Card

When accessible, most sites accept credit cards, which is the most convenient manner of deposit. For Indian players, however, it is not particularly trustworthy. This is primarily due to the card issuer’s restrictions on transactions with betting sites.

Making a deposit is the only way to find out if it works. Even if it passes the first time, it does not guarantee that it will pass the second. If using a credit card is required, however, it can be extremely difficult to use.

Bank Wire

For large value players who have significant fixed fees, this payment method is preferable. However, bank wires from India can be difficult to use for the same reasons that credit and debit cards are difficult to use. Also, most e-wallets allow for equally big transfers, hence, there is no evident advantage to using the bank wire method.

How to Make Withdrawal from Betting Sites in Indian Rupee (INR)


When withdrawing money in India, it’s recommended to use an e-wallet. As a result, using an e-wallet for both transactions is usually the best option (deposit and withdraw). All reputable Indian betting sites accept Neteller as a method of payment.

Credit/Debit Card

Some sites allow you to withdraw using a debit/credit card if you made a deposit using this method, although it can be even more complicated than depositing. Most times, your issuer will deny the transaction if you are an Indian.

Bank Wire

Bank wire is similar to credit cards. While it is technically possible for Indians to do so, the success rate varies. Furthermore, you are likely to be charged exorbitant costs by banks if you use it.

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