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Betting on different sports has a long history. A long time ago people used to place bets offline via different betting exchanges. With the development of technologies, there also were improvements in the betting sphere. In today’s reality, online betting is the most popular way to place bets. Read here how nowadays the vast majority of gamblers use online gambling websites from betting from their homes. 

Online gambling companies make betting websites to provide their services all over the world. These websites usually include almost all types of sports you can place bets on. There are different types of betting companies in the world. For example, some of them are international and some of them provide gambling services locally. And of course, there are gambling companies that provide online gambling options in Bangladesh. But firstly let’s talk about the advantages of online betting.

Advantages of Online Betting

As already said online betting is the most popular gambling entertainment in the world. Millions of people enjoy placing bets online. And there are certain reasons why people choose online betting exchanges. So, let’s review them in detail.


The first and most obvious advantage of online betting websites is their safety. In today’s reality offline betting exchanges are losing their audience. That’s because they are not really safe and reliable. If we are talking about online betting websites there are a lot of safety measures and licenses.

For example, there are two most popular online gambling licenses in the world. The first one is called the Malta Authority Gaming License and the second one is the Curacao Gaming License. Almost every big international gambling company has one of these. These licenses show that the company is operating and providing services under governmental supervision. If you want to check what license the company has you can always visit the official website. To find the information about licenses you will usually have to scroll to the bottom of the homepage.

The second point about safety is what protection measures are taken. There are a lot of safety protocols and features that companies can use. For example to protect personal information companies usually use database servers with special high-tech encryption. These servers are used to store and protect your personal information. The second thing is the protection of the website. If you visit the official website of the betting company and use see HTTPS in the link then you should know that “S” stands for safety. it means that the company uses special protocols to protect the website.

To protect companies from scammers and multi-accounts companies also usually have KYC Policies. KYC is also known as Know Your Customer. According to it this policy, companies collect your personal information which is usually your ID, IP-Adress, Name, Telephone Number, and others. After collecting this information companies contain it to avoid scamming. These methods are also used to provide different features and bonuses personally.

Betting Options

One of the most important things to mention about online betting websites is how much different features and options they provide. Almost every big and international betting company has a long list of betting options on its website. For example, you will be able to place bets on almost every type of sport such as Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, and others. But there are also other interesting things to bet on.

Nowadays ESports are becoming more and more popular. ESports are also known as Electronic Sports. In this type of sport, teams are competing with each other in video games. There are a lot of big tournaments and championships in the world where these teams play competitive video games such as CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, PUBG, and others. If you are interested in computer games then online gambling websites will be a perfect opportunity to bet on ESports!

There is also one absolutely new betting option on big betting websites. It is called VSports. This type of sport is very interesting and you can also try to bet on it. VSports are also known as Virtual Sports. On gambling websites, you can find a special section where you will be able to place bets on virtual championships. In these virtual tournaments, real teams which are computer-simulated competing with each other. VSports are very interesting to bet on when there are no current tournaments in the world. If you want to try betting on this type of sport you can find them on almost every big online betting exchange!

There is also one very interesting betting feature that is available on betting websites. It is called Live Bets. These bets are also a very popular way of betting among online gamblers. Live Bets allow gamblers to bet during the match that they are watching. These bets also have special odds that change during the match. Live Betting Odds are changing according to the situation which is happening in the current competition. Using the Live Betting feature will sometimes allow you to catch amazing odds but you will also need to react as fast as possible!


One of the most important and interesting things you can find on every online betting website are bonuses. Every gambling company understands that gamblers need help with betting at the beginning. And that is why they provide new and constant customers with different bonuses and promotions.

Firstly, these bonuses will be extremely helpful at the beginning. It is because they usually provide you with extra money for betting and gambling. You will usually receive one of these bonuses right after the registration and your first deposit. It is called Welcome Deposit Bonus. Almost every betting website has its a bonus but this offer also varies from site to site. 


The second thing about promotions and bonuses is that they will also make your betting activity funnier and more interesting. For example, some websites can provide you with different tournaments and betting championships with prizes. Usually, you will be able to participate in these tournaments and promotions free of charge. 

There are also tons of different bonuses which you will be able to find on gambling websites. You should also take into consideration that the list of available bonuses depends on the website. For example, on some online betting exchanges you will be able to find a promotion which is called Cashback. This promotion will let you get some of your lost money back. This promotion is usually weekly and can be used by everyone. And if you want to find all the available promotions you can visit the promotions section on the betting website!


One of the most crucial advantages of popular betting websites is that they are available and accessible to the vast majority of gamblers. A device and an Internet connection are everything you will need to start online gambling. You will be able to use all the features from your home and will not need to go somewhere to place a bet. You will just need a PC or a laptop to start. But you should also take into consideration that to access some of the websites you will also need to use a VPN!

But you should also not worry if you do not have desktop devices. Most of the big and popular gambling companies also have mobile applications for betting. These applications will be extremely comfortable for those gamblers who want to enjoy gambling on the go. You will also be able to use these applications in other countries where you do not have access to your desktop device. You will just need to download the app from the official website of the betting company.  

A Good Example of a Betting Website

And now let’s talk about a good example of a betting website. One of the most popular companies among gamblers from India and Bangladesh is Crickex. This company provides its services locally only for these two countries. The main aim of the company is to provide Cricket betting options but you will also be able to bet on other sports!

The list of available options at Crickex includes all the most popular and necessary features for betting and gambling. For example, you will be able to place live bets and enjoy Crickex mobile application. This company also has different bonuses and promotions that will be extremely interesting for new gamblers. On the Crickex website, you will also be able to make deposits and withdrawals using the most popular payment options in Bangladesh. And if you want to know more about the Crickex company you can always read here all the necessary information. And if you want to find other interesting websites for betting you can check different reviews and articles about them!


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