How To Stop post plagiarism using online plagiarism checker

If some one copying your posts for their blog then it is known as Post Plagiarism.Copying a post from a successful blog is common now. Use online plagiarism checker to check plagiarism. Some bloggers only copied your post and getting higher ranking in Goggle search results. This way you are losing your search ranking. I have a solution for this. Lets see How To Stop post plagiarism

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online plagiarism checker


Copyscape is a online service which help you to find who is copying your blog posts. Although Google take copied content seriously.But due to some edit of your copied content and search algorithm google treat it as original. It may take higher ranking than you and you loosing your search rankings.

Before stop post plagiarism we must know that who is copying your content. Copyscape is a solution for this. This help you to find pirates of your content.

How To Use Copyscape using online plagiarism checker:

Copyscape provied two services Free and premium. You can use use free service but it has limited should use premium service for better results.

First, Go to Copyscape Homepage > Enter your original post link > Hit Go.

online plagiarism checker copyscape

After hitting Go, you will see which one is copying your blog posts.

Note: If you sharing your posts to yours fb page or on social media .you might see it in results. Ignore it.

copyscape resultsNow,you have to find the hosting details,e-mail and other details of pirates to report such have to report it to web hosting,blogging platform (Bloggers,WordPress) and also claim it to remove from google search results.basically don’t report it to Blogging platform,always try to remove it from search results.

Hope you will like this article on online plagiarism checker. Let me know if you know any other tools to detect copying in comment box. Don’t forget to share this knowledge to your friends. Keep visiting Techwiki. Happy blogging…!

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