PDF Managing: 3 Helpful and Handy Features of PDF Bear

PDF Bear

Hard and burdensome are the words you will probably use when you manage PDFs, but with proper tools, you may never utter those words again. PDF Bear is a site that has all the appropriate tools for your PDF files, may it be for merging, converting, compressing, splitting, repairing, or protecting your PDFs. In this guide, you will know the different features of PDF Bear can provide.

Merge PDF

Among PDF Bear’s main feature is the PDF merger. This service is the fastest and easiest to use to combine multiple PDFs into one specific PDF file. With this program’s merger feature, PDF files are its best. The instructions are straightforward, and it will not even confuse you. And within seconds, your data are done merging without waiting for a long time. 

PDF Bear is the best tool for you if you need a trouble-free PDF merger. And since this is a web-based program, you can access it as long as you have the proper devices and can connect to the server. Please take note that it will not cost you too much compared to other expensive software. So here are a few steps to merge PDF files:

  1. Select all the chosen PDF files that need to merge.
  2. The system itself will process the merging of files into a single PDF file.
  3. Check the data first before you click the “Combine” button.
  4. Once the process is done, download it immediately to your chosen account.


If your images are in JPG format and want it to be in PDF format, PDF Bear supports that. It can also handle multiple images at once, even after you uploaded the image. This service is made possible because of PDF Bear’s sophisticated technology. It doesn’t only support JPG but also other formats like TIFF, PNG, BMP, and GIF. These files can be handled with care and without issue. Convert your photos using the PDF Bear conversion tool, and it’s done in a quick second.

  1. Upload your JPG file or another file format.
  2. Choose the best available options.
  3. After you click the “Convert” button, wait for the process.
  4. You can now download your converted image.


Sharing of PowerPoint files is quite a complicated task; most importantly, if the platform you are sending the file to can’t read it. Although Microsoft PowerPoint files are usually the standard format, there’s no assurance that the receiving end can support the file. With the software’s efficient tool for conversion, in a minute, your PPT file now turns into a PDF file.

With PDF Bear, it ensures that your PPT slides will retain its very same quality when converted into PDF. With few numbers of clicks, your files are ready to be shared. Follow these easy steps for your PPT to PDF conversion.

  1. Decide which PPT file you need to convert
  2. If you see the process bar it means it is starting the conversion process. Just watch and wait.
  3.  Even if the upload has finished, changes can still be made. Look for available options.
  4. Press “Download” to save it to your PC.


PDF Bear is the savior for all of your PDF files. It is handy, and even if you are everywhere, you can still access and utilize its service. And the advantages it has been too many, and you don’t have to look for other software.

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