PlayStation Remote Play: How To Use It on Your Mobile Device

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In the past decade, a Remote Playstation 4, or commonly known as PS4, is one of the best consoles that has come out. Throughout the years, the platform’s game library became quite extensive. However, with all the games available, you can’t possibly have all the free time to play it all. However, there’s a way for you to play it all away from your home.

Developed by Sony Corporation, the Playstation Remote Play is a neat little feature that allows its users to stream the console’s output on various compatible devices. Even if your TV is currently in use, you can still play your favorite games on your mobile device. Here is a quick start guide on how to use the Playstation Remote Play on mobile devices.

The PlayStation Remote Play

For the console’s roster of video games, Sony debuted its feature called the Playstation remote play. Sony’s special feature allows the users to remotely access their consoles output, transmitting video and audio to their mobile devices. Back then, this feature could only be utilized on PSP or PS Vita devices.

However, the feature expanded in 2014 to other services such as the Playstation TV, Playstation Now, and other tablets and devices. Furthermore, the PlayStation Remote Play feature expanded its services to macOS and Microsoft computers in 2016. In which the feature reached the Android and iOS platforms later on.

How to Use The Feature

Before anything else, users must go to their respective consoles and activate the remote access feature. Always put in mind when doing so, ensure that your console is set as the ‘Primary PS4,’ and the checkbox for ‘Enable Remote Play’ is ticked. The last step would be to activate the feature that allows users to turn on the console in rest mode through the app.

Using The Feature on Mobile Devices

Aside from the capability of utilizing your console through the use of a laptop or desktop, users can also use their smartphones or any mobile devices to play their favorite titles. The mobile application of the Playstation Remote Play is available with any iOS or Android devices with compatible versions of the operating system.

Creating a link from the console to your mobile device is relatively easy, as it has a similar method in connecting it to the PC or Mac. Firstly, you must head on to Sony’s website and download the app from there. Next would be to turn on your console and the controller. After that, users can start the app on their mobile devices, log in with their account, and the app will automatically pair the console to your smartphone or any device you want.

The Devices Compatible

If you’re wondering what devices are compatible with the Playstation Remote Play application, then the answer would be all smartphones and tablets with an updated operating system. However, in an Android device, only Android 5.0 and up are compatible with the app’s feature, and Android 10 users can utilize the DualShock 4 controllers.

Takeaway for Remote Playstation

Devices with Android 5 or are currently compatible with the PlayStation Remote Play feature. Mobile devices that are running on Android 10 will have support to use the DualShock 4 controllers. If you have the app installed on your mobile device, you’re now ready to have enhanced gaming experience.

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