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Realme Could Launch their 43-inch TV Soon – Shipping Picture Leaked

Realme 43 inch tv

Realme could launch its 43-inch smart TV soon in the market. Recently, the realme 43-inch TV has been spotted in a shipping box. An online platform has released the image where the new realme TV’s are in shipping containers. So, we can expect the TV to be launched soon on the market.

Realme 43 inch tv

Upcoming Realme 43-inch Smart TV

The leaked pictures confirm the release of the new smart TV from Realme. The TV will have Netflix support. In the leaked image, we can see that workers are shipping the TVs in the realme warehouse. From the leaked images, we also get to know that Netflix will come preinstalled with the new Realme 43-inch TV’s. And it’ll have Android OS. So, you can expect other streaming services like Hotstar Disney+ and Prime video support with the upcoming TV’s. Although it’s not confirmed if the TV will come in Full-HD or Ultra-HD resolution. The pricing is also not confirmed. It’ll also have Google assistant support.

As you can guess from it’s leaked features, the Realme TV can set a milestone in the TV market. However, it also depends on the price. Until we don’t get confirmation about the pricing, we can say how it’ll be. But, the features seem good.

When Realme Will Launch it?

Realme hasn’t revealed anything about the TV, not the launch date. But, we can expect the TV to be launched soon. As they are shipping the TVs in the warehouse, maybe in upcoming weeks, we’ll get the official confirmation from Realme. We can also get some ideas about the pricing of this TV in the upcoming weeks. Till then, users have to wait. But, one thing is sure that realme is launching a big product this time. Android TV with Google Assistant and voice support, will be very useful to the customers. To compete with its a competitor like MI TV, Oneplus TV, realme could launch the new TV at a fair price. But again, we have to wait for the final confirmation.

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