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How To Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive

How To Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive

How To Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive. It is good if you have a backup of your important data. However, if you do not make a backup, and find the components in your drive are still functioning, you can recover data from the dead hard drive with a separate application, you can download one from Best Software. Let’s learn about the recovery of data from Dead Hard Drive.

How To Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive

Data Recovery from Dead Hard Drive

I have been hearing ticking sounds from my PC for a few days now. Today, when I switched on my PC, my hard drive didn’t respond. I could hear some starting sounds. But, the PC stopped in a few minutes. Does that mean my hard drive is dead? Is there any possible way to recover the data?

When your internal or external hard drive stops, it is possible that the drive is dead. You may hear clicking sounds during the system boot. But, soon after starting the laptop, the booting would end and the hard drive may not work. The drive will not be able to read data such as images, documents, and other information. Before undertaking any retrieval procedures, read this article to recover data from dead hard drive safely.

What Is a Dead Hard Drive?

When your hard drive stops working, it may be a sign that it is dead. The drive will stop your PC from booting. You will not able to read the data stored on it.

While these can be signs of loose wiring and virus attack too, dead hard drives don’t start under any settings. Once your drive is dead, it is hard to retrieve it to its previous working position. But, you can recover data from a dead hard drive.

Note: The most common reason for the dead hard drive is mechanical wear and tear. After a few years of use, hard drives die on their own. But, you will receive signs of failure such as clicking noises. You can check the SMART scan regularly to receive a warning before your drive is dead.

What Are the Chances of Recovery?

With time, every hard drive gives up. This is followed by panic as you can lose your data stored on the drive. But, you don’t have to worry. In most of the cases, the dead hard drive can be recovered. Unless the drive has corrupt files or malware, your data will be safe.

Tip: Do not try DIY methods or random software for data recovery. Dead hard drives are hard to recover on your own. Contact a specialist like Stellar Data Recovery for help.

What Are the Causes?

Identifying the reason behind the dead drive is necessary to recover data efficiently. Why do users need to know these causes? This is to avoid causing damage to your data by mistake.

In this article, we will see the most obvious source of a dead hard drive. i.e.

Mechanical Damage

When your drive starts making noises, it is a sign of a physically damaged drive. The hard drives go dead due to various mechanical reasons. They are:

  • Wear and tear of inner parts.
  • Accidentally dropping the drive.
  • Power surges.
  • Broken hard drive head.

Rarely do any DIY ways work on a dead drive. If you have the backup, then you can recover the data from it. But, if you don’t have the backup, then it is better to contact data recovery services.

There is a high chance that your data is safe even if the drive is dead. But, if you try random software or tricks, it can lead to data damage.

How to Recover Your Data from Dead Drive?

One of the best ways to recover data from a dead hard drive is to contact recovery services. It is not likely for a dead hard drive to boot the system. So, DIY methods may not help. You can cause more damage if your drive has corrupt files.

When your drive stops working, stop. Keep your laptop aside. Then, contact Stellar Data Recovery Services for the safe recovery of your files.

Stellar data recovery can help you with dead hard drive data recovery. They have a very good data recovery record. If due to any reason your data is not retrieved, then they will not charge you a single penny.

It is known that the hard drive should be opened in a clean 100 clean room. This is because the dust particles in the air can stick to drive’s surface and cause data loss. Stellar data recovery recovers data only in its Class 100 clean room lab. So, you can be assured that your data won’t be lost.

All you need to do is call the nearest branch and let stellar experts recover your data. They will reach out to you after proper analysis and give you a clear status. Once you approve of it, data recovery will be started. It may take a few days but your data will be in safe hands.

Tips to Avoid Further Damage

  • When your hard disk stops, take it out and connect it to another PC. See if it works on a different PC. If yes, then your drive is not dead. If no, then look for data recovery services.
  • Find trusted data recovery service providers. Unreliable services can lead to more damage. You can even lose your data forever.
  • Don’t try to open the drive at home. The dust particles in the air will harm your data. After that, recovery will be hard.


To recover data from dead hard drive, always use professional services. The internal parts of the drive are delicate. By tampering with the drive, you can damage these inner mechanical parts. Hence, if you are sure that your drive is dead, contact Stellar Data Recovery Services immediately. With 25+ years of data recovery experience coupled with excellent customer service, Stellar Data Recovery is an ISO SO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified data recovery service provider in India. They provide 100% safe and secure data recovery services and maintains a high level of data confidentiality. They have 15 branches across India. Stellar, have served more than 2+ Million customers worldwide and the services available for both corporates and individuals for all kind of data loss situations. For more information about stellar data recovery visit their official website or dial their toll-free number 1800-102-3232.

I hope you will enjoy this article on Recover Data From Dead Hard Drive. Let me know your opinion in the comment box. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting techwiki… 🙂

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