Reducing The Taboo Around The LGBT Community

It is said that the lack of education in the school community is a huge reason why the LGBT community is not as widely accepted as it should be. The curriculum is expected to continue to evolve in an attempt to make it LGBT-inclusive, although this sex education will not be introduced to primary schools, being included in later years when teaching about family relationships. The education sector already enforces the teaching of relationship issues and online safety for, failing to have been updated to suit the modern day.

The popularity of LGBT+ History Month has been a huge contributor to a changing society, prompting people to reconsider their traditional beliefs about the constraints of gender so we can celebrate difference. The movement strives to change the mindset of society in an attempt to weaken the stigma attached to issues of sexuality and get everyone talking. In fact, the taboos are slowly being squashed as we see a huge rise in online discussions, more support available, and the openness of the LGBT community as they discuss same sex relationships and the power of lesbian sex toys UK.

It is important to realise that the LGBT+ community is not only made up of adults, but young people and children too. To suggest that the community is only relevant to adults is said to be ignorant since some children may identify as transgender from a young age or that they may grow up with parents of the same sex. With bullying at schools continuing to be a huge issue, this is all the more reason to encourage LGBT+ awareness in schools, creating acceptance from a younger age so people are comfortable disclosing their sexuality. By being taught about the society in which they are growing up, change can be seen at the earliest level of childhood development and see a huge generational shift in attitudes towards the LGBT community.

In fact, education on the LGBT community doesn’t even have to consist purely of discussions around sexuality and same sex relationships. The key is acceptance; highlighting that it is ok for people to express themselves in the way they wish without fear of questions or criticism. Religious principles have been a big obstacle when it comes to fighting LGBT taboos, with religious beliefs in teaching not always aligning with the acceptable we strive to see nowadays. The government has more recently provided guidance on how to deal with these religious sensitivities so the religious beliefs in teaching this does not exempt schools from educating on LGBT+ issues.

One more recent chance we’ve seen implemented on a larger scale is gender neutral bathrooms across the country. By waving goodbye to standard male and female bathroom facilities, people are able to express themselves freely in a way that reflects their true identity and do not have to face the taboos every time they need to use the bathroom. Although these new changes have not been wholly welcomed, it is crucial for encouraging young people to see that being different should be embraced rather than repressed.

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