How to Report Blog Post Copy Spam

In last post we have talked about Copyscape a online plagiarism checker . Copyscape is a online service help us to find who is copying your content. if anyone is copying your content and post it to his own content is called Plagiarism. ways to Report Blog Post Copy Spam, Want to learn more about Copyscape read this article.

Report Blog Post Copy Spam

There are many reason why people copy your posts.most of newbie’s copy content due to lack of understanding.spam blogs to get more traffics to their site and site only made for Adsense. It could be any reason or anyone who is copying your blog post. But this is very bad for us. Specially sometimes blog who is copying your posts get higher ranking than you. You looses your all visitors. Not only visitors, you looses your search engine rankings, your money. This all wastes your hard work.

NOTE: If someone copying your posts,take it too seriously and take actions against it. Contact post author and tell him about the post plagiarism. If this not work you can report to advertising network of that blog. After that contact hosting of that blog. ways to Report Blog Post Copy Spam below.

HostingReport Link
BlogspotBlogspot spam spam
Google DMCA pageGoogle DMCA page
DreamhostDreamhost Spam
AdsenseAdsense Abuse reporting
YoutubeYoutube Spam

By reporting plagiarism, you actually keep the blogging community,Report Blog Post Copy Spam immediately.

Hope you will like this. If you have any queries related this please ask me and always try to make this blogging community clean. Don’t forget to share this knowledge with yours friends.thanks…!

Happy blogging…!

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