Ruslan Sukhiy: Digital Metaverse of the Future and Real Estate Investment

Ruslan Sukhiy

Traditionally, property development sphere takes a leading role in economy from the dynamics point of view. Moreover, in 2022, crucial prospective trends and growth drivers in construction belong to digitalization of this sector. Artificial intelligence forms the basis for decision taking in financing of residential projects. With regard to this new trend, we will talk about the progressive developer, investor, and visionary in global investment market of real estate industry, Ruslan Sukhiy.

Ruslan is a cofounder and CEO of the company RENTAVED. His last name Sukhiy originates from his great-great-grandfather, Pavel Sukhoy, a famous aircraft constructor and an inventor of SU aircrafts. Pavel received the world fame due to his invaluable contribution to aviation. Unlike his prominent predecessor who constructed air objects, Ruslan engaged in the sphere of construction, but already on the ground. Ruslan did not follow his great-great-grandfather’s footsteps in aircrafts engineering, but decided to work in development, implement diverse perspective projects and independently build cottage estates and multistory apartment houses in cities around the world.

 In 2021, Ruslan Sukhiy and his company RENTAVED held a fundraising event to accumulate collective investments from private actors. It was a large development project concerning construction of a townhouse village. Due to the fast and solid performance, RENTAVED has even entered the Book of Records. It was one of the first companies, which raised funds for development project from private actors in as little as one month. 

Today, Ruslan Sukhiy is actively developing his business in different countries with the main focus on the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro, European countries and many others. There are many interesting projects for making it easier for people to communicate and effect deals. Ruslan considers the next stage of development to be a creation of Neo-Cities in Metaverse. A significant part of this project is the launch of investment agencies, where all fundraising projects will be presented, so that anyone could effortlessly purchase real estate for living or renting and receive a stable passive income. This is a globally upward trend.

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But how does this Metaverse look like? In general, it is a virtual space for management of land property purchase or real estate construction and revenue generation. The idea of its creation occurred due to a big number of construction projects of townhouse villages and multistory houses in different global cities. And due to rapidly expanding geography and various pandemic restrictions, it was quite challenging for Ruslan and his team to be physically present in all parts of the globe. Thus, the idea of development projects in Metaverse occurred, which could take the communication between people on a whole new level.

Ruslan is planning to open an investment office in one of the Metaverses where the projects from different cities, including Dubai, will be presented. RENTAVED has a preliminary agreement with a number of real estate developers. It digitalizes its projects so that each person from any corner of the world could visit a virtual sales office via VR headset. Any client will be able to contact a consultant in this office and receive the detailed presentation of the project. For instance, if a customer is interested in buying an apartment in Dubai, his dedicated consultant will organize a virtual tour of it and its premises.

A client will be able to take a walk around, examine a residential compound, and evaluate if the apartment meets his requirements. In case of hotel accommodations, a client will be able to visit a digitalized hotel in the Metaverse, as well. It will be possible to roam around, estimate beaches, take a look at the dining hall, and check the sports hall. This way, it will be much easier for a client to take final decision about investment in a particular project.

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Therefore, RENTAVED’s investment agency in Metaverse expands the boundaries and opportunities for potential investors. There will be no need for long flights and waste of a lot of precious time. All a client has to do is to visit an investment sales office, become familiar with projects, virtually look around the location, choose some kind of real estate for investment, chat with a consultant, touch everything, conclude the contract and settle accounts on the spot. A deal will be made on click. Also, besides the digitalization of real estates, Ruslan announces the launch of NFT projects in Metaverse. This is a huge point of increase revolutionizing the market of investment services with the help of RENTAVED.

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