seo image optimization: How To Make Blog Images SEO Friendly


SEO of a WordPress blog is done at levels. Few important factors in SEO are using a right image, right keywords and right tag. Let’s learn how to make blog images SEO image optimization.

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seo image optimization

Images on your blogs is very important to get traffics from image-based search engines like Google image search. Here, unlike text-based content, search engine bots can’t see and identify it. They rely on image ALT tag to identify and understand an image. Along with this, texts which are around your images also helps to improve the ranking of your images in image search engine.

How to add an Alt tag to WordPress Posts images and do seo image optimization:

Whenever you add an image to your post, you get an option to add Title and Alt tag, which optimize image SEO. its difficult way to add Alt tag manually to every image you upload. When you have a old website you have to edit all old images to add the alt tag, editing manually is a very long time-consuming task. To our rescue is SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin.

SEO Friendly Images is free WordPress image SEO plugin, which automatically adds an ALT tag to your all images.Now, I will Guide you how can you add SEO friendly images plugin to optimize images for the search engine.  Vladimir’s the developer of this plugin, who is also a developer of popular plugin SEO smart links and founder of ManageWP service. ‘ seo image optimization.

Now Folloe these Steps:

  • Install and activate SEO friendly images plugin. Link
  • Once activated, go to Settings > SEO friendly images > configure the settings.

Using this you can automatically add both Title and Alt tag of your image.

The best way to use this plugin is by giving a meaningful name to your image before uploading. Instead of uploading images like DSC0023.jpeg or etc. name it a Keyword rich name before uploading. For ex: SEO-friendly-image.jpeg. do seo image optimization.

An ideal settings will be:

  • Use %name for ALT tag
  • %Title for Title tag

Click on update options and that’s it. Now, your images will help you to increase the overall On page SEO of your blog.



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