Site Elements That Increase Conversion

Increase Conversion

The site, as a business tool, must justify investing in it, selling, and making a profit. It is not enough to ensure high traffic to the site, users must perform targeted actions on it: order and pay for goods or services, register, leave contact information, and subscribe to the newsletter, which will help turn ice into hot. If there are few such actions on the site, then, accordingly, the increase conversion of the site is low.

Elements that increase the conversion of the site are formed based on its type: landing, online store, or promotional site.

But design is not only about beauty, it is also about ease of navigation, which allows the user to achieve a certain goal. You can create animated logo for your website for it to be presentable as it increases the conversion too. Therefore, in this article, we will consider the most important both UX (design) and UI (visual) elements.

Calculation of Site Quality To increase Conversion

Conversion is the number of site visitors who have completed a targeted action on the site. Each type of site has its targeted actions, which depend on marketing goals, the requirements of the owners, and the product itself. For example, the purpose of a promotional site is to introduce a new product, the purpose of an online store is to sell, and the purpose of a social project is to receive more requests for email mailings.

Conversion calculation formula: the number of targeted actions is divided by the total number of users to the resource. The indicator shows how effectively the site performs its tasks.

Analytical tools are used for calculation. To work with them, you need to install meters on the site and select the desired goals in the tool cabinet from 4 categories. Conversion depends on the specifics of the business niche. The success rate for some areas may be a failure for others.

It is enough to consider a conversion that returns the investment to the site. Often, individual pages can give 30-34%, which is a real conversation that can be obtained. Achieving a 70% mark for a page is much less common, as this result usually requires a lot of time for design testing, content development, SEO work, and temperament when trends, offer accuracy, and audience temperature converges at one point.

Use of Web Forms on the Site

Forms are the best way to get a new customer. But when filling out the data on the site, take care of the user’s sense of security and trust.

Recommendations for form design:

  • Reduce the number of fields to a minimum. Leave only the important data, and this will increase the number of users who will reach the end in a few clicks. The ideal number of fields is two: how to address the client and mail or phone.
  • Ask for an email, so you can unobtrusively remind yourself again and suggest something fascinating to a potential customer.
  • Promise the customer that you will send him only valuable special offers in the mail, without spamming unnecessary and unnecessary.
  • Please note that personal data should not be disclosed to third parties.

The main goal is simplicity and convenience of form. It is better to request additional information later than not to receive user data at all.


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