SJ5000 the sports camera with live view that you can use in your drone

SJCAM has released models of sports cameras every few days, improving and adding features to the models (see here ). This is the case of the SJ5000, which happens to the 4000 and after that they have continued taking versions like the SJ5000 Plus or the Elite. In fact, the first at the time was not as successful as later versions, because it was quite similar to the 4000. However, the company has continued taking improvements from the same camera, to get one of the best considered SJCAM.

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Characteristics Of SJ5000

The great improvements that this model presents with the SJ4000, are the Ambarella chip and the new Panasonic sensor, the same one that uses the GoPro Hero and that combined greatly improve the quality of the recordings, especially for the moments of little light.

There are also other less notable improvements such as the increase of 14 to 16 megapixels that although they are not a big jump in terms of the improvement of image quality if that is a breakthrough that is noticeable in combination with the Panasonic sensor.

Another feature in which this model has improved is the increase in recording quality from 30 to 60 fps (images it captures per second) when recording in 1080p. This is what allows to improve the sharpness and the capture of colors and, in short, the quality of the image.

The SJ5000 maintains its liveview screen

Perhaps, one of the hallmarks of the SJCAM SJ5000 and many of the brand’s sports cameras is the inclusion of the LCD screen that allows you to see the recordings at the moment and move through the menus and settings with ease . The liveview is one of the options most valued by users, accustomed to seeing their recordings instantly on their smartphones or compact cameras. In addition, it is a rare feature in this type of cameras.

Another feature that makes it unique is the large number of accessories that includes, this being a great added value and avoiding that you have to buy a lot of accessories that will only increase the purchase. All this without forgetting that they are compatible with those of GoPro since they use the same coupling, so if you need an extra you will find it quite easily.

This screen, has a size of 1.5 inches at a resolution of 960 x 240 pixels, a screen output in the form of HDMI, a 900 mAh battery, WiFi connectivity, the accompaniment of the already classic accessories and its housing to be submerged to Depths of up to 30 meters, a microSD slot for cards up to 32 GB.

Can be used with drones

Another of the great advantages of the SJ5000 is that you can use it for drones, thanks to the fact that it barely weighs 70 grams in addition to the protective case about 150 grams. Although there are lighter cameras, it is a considerable weight to use in a drone.

In fact, one of the accessories that accompany the SJ5000 is the hitch for drone. Another of the qualities of this camera to use with drone, is that it incorporates a stabilizer chip that will allow us to capture images so that we obtain fairly stable planes without deforming effects (beyond the fish eye classics) so with this combination we can get very interesting things.

Sj5000 Plus, the improved version that was the best-selling of 2015

The SJ5000 Plus was for almost a year the top version of the SJCAM SJ5000 series, it was one of the best selling sports cameras of 2015 because in addition to recording video at 1920x1080p (Full HD) and taking photos in a quality of 16 megapixels, it allows Do slow motion at 120 fps with a quality of 720p, double that of your previous series mates.

It also has the advantage that it incorporates the option “Burst” to take 10 photos per second, very useful in sports activities that involve a lot of movement speed. However, in 2016 the SJ5000X Elite version was launched, which improved some of the characteristics of the previous ones.

Prices and where to find them

If you want to get this cheap camera we recommend that you look for it in AliExpress. In addition to hundreds of sellers that offer this camera at very low prices, you can also find sellers who will offer you some accessories for the camera such as covers or hooks for the drone.

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