How To Speed Up Website and improve website loading time


Hello Friends, again I here guide you How to Speed Up Website. Do you know 50% of users will left a website if it takes more than five seconds to load? They will be looking for an alternative which loads faster. Also, 60% of users expect that a website will be loaded completely within two or three seconds. So, if your site takes long time to load, most of users will abandon it. It makes sense to optimize and speed up your website. learn how to improve website speed test.

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website load time is one of many factors that can help you get better positions in Google Search results. For example, if your site loads faster than your competitors, there would be a change that it will have a higher position than the other sites.

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First use PageSpeed Insights to check and Speed Up Website.

Ways To Optimize And Speed Up Website.

Optimize and speed up your site will surely increase users satisfaction. users will spend more time on your website to read related stories, and so help your site reduces its bounce rate. Also, the chances that these users will return to your site higher. Like you and me, we won’t go back to a website that takes a lot of time to load, right?

So nothing is worse than a site with very very high load time. In this article, I will show you a few tips to help you optimize and speed up the load time of your website. lets Learn…

1. Select A Good Web Hosting That Helps Your Site Load Faster

When you start a new website, web hosting is the first thing you need to choose. Which one is good, affordable and stable? It’s a headache question.

I started my first website in 2013 and since then, I have analyze a few web hosting providers below. You should take a look at them and pick one that you think it suits your requirements. Speed Up Website.

2.Resize And Compress Your Image File To Make It Lighter

Did you know that the big part of websites is images? And that’s the reason why your site needs more time to load. If you upload and insert many images on a web page, definitely it takes much longer to load that web page completely, than a text-based HTML file. Speed Up Website.

To improve your website load time, you can resize images that you want to use on your site to the right size. For example, if the needed size of a particular image is 300px wide and 250px height, then you don’t need to use a large image. Also, you can compress your images to make it lighter. For further information about how to compress images without losing the quality, read this article.

3.Enable GZIP Compression On Your Website

Alongside compressing images and make it lighter, compressing HTML, CSS, and JS files also help to reduce the size of your web page and make it loads faster. Most of servers have enabled this feature by default, and you can control it through the .htaccess file, assume that you are using an Apache web server. Speed Up Website.

4.Use A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Technically, a CDN service takes all your static files you have got on your website, such as images, CSS or Javascript – and lets users download these files as fast as possible by serving them on servers as close to users as possible. I don’t go any further to explain what is CDN. If you are looking for that kind of information, read it from

Currently, I’m using Amazon CloudFront as the CDN service for this blog and a few others. It helped me to improve my website’s load time a lot. You can also try KeyCDN, which is a good and affordable CDN service. Speed Up Website.

Here are basic tips to optimize your website and improve load speed. If you are using WordPress platform, there are many more things you can do to improve the load time, such as using a cached plugin, add LazyLoad to your images, minify CSS and JS files, and optimize & clean up the database.

Hope you will enjoy this Speed Up Website article. Share your views in comment box and keep visiting. Don’t forget to share this post with your friend and relatives.


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