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The Best Beer in Wisconsin


Liquid bread is one of the best ways to enjoy time with friends and loved ones, sitting back and having a cold one while you talk about how your day or week went.  If you’re in Wisconsin, this might feel more like a sport than a simple luxury because the moment beer comes up, things can get awfully competitive.

In this state known for its beer and cheese, there’s nothing as important as good taste.  These are the best beers in Wisconsin, and why do people care so much?

Why Beer Matters in Wisconsin

Beer and Wisconsin have been best friends since before the first commercial brewery was built in the early 1800s.  Since then, over 800 new breweries have opened, with 650 of those having to shutter their doors almost immediately after, while others have survived for over 150 years.  

Beer goes incredibly well with Wisconsin’s other claim to fame, cheese, and together the pair have locals excited to compete over what’s best and what brewery closing was the greatest loss.  

Although we can’t taste the discontinued beers to tell you which rocks, we can confirm the following three are the best we’ve ever had!

Black Gold

If you’re tired of looking at Milwaukee houses for sale and need to kick back and have a break, take a sip of Black Gold from Central Waters Brewing Co.  This strong American Imperial Stout has 11% alcohol content and will leave you smiling after just one sip.  With a rich and deep flavor that’s almost sweet, this is a fantastic beer to enjoy while watching any sport.  


If you want something a little more fun, try Frampaars!  Made by Funk Factory Geuzeria, this beer is a little lighter with only 6% alcohol content.  As a fruity lambic, you’ll feel like summer’s always here while you drink it, which you’ll need once the thick Wisconsin winters settle in.  This is a flirty and fun drink that’s enjoyable from start to finish and is incredibly smooth.

Wisconsin Belgian Red

When it’s time for something unique and fun, it’s time to check out the Wisconsin Belgian Red!  This delicious fruit and field beer is from New Glarus Brewing Company and has a lot of flavor going for it.  This is a beer you’ll want to knock back a couple of!  With only 4% alcohol content, it’s easy to handle!  

What Makes a Beer Good?

Flavor is subjective.  Everyone wants different things out of the same drink, which is why one might be someone’s favorite while another person wouldn’t touch it.  Regardless, good beer will have a balanced and easy taste that doesn’t overpower or overwhelm.  This means a good mix of the hoppy flavor, a little bitter, a little sweet, with that yeast coming through clearly.  

Sometimes fruit, honey, and other sweeteners can be added, but if the base of the beer isn’t any good, there isn’t much you can do to fix it.  It’s important to pick a flavor you’ll love regardless.

Everyone Has Their Own Favorite

Although these are the top-rated beers in the state of Wisconsin, they’re not the only options out there!  Consider traveling to this fantastic state and catching a sip of one of these brews yourself!

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