The best places to buy cryptocurrency

Now that crypto trading has become so popular and profitable, many are willing to engage with it too. Still, they have doubts, asking, “Is it worth buying cryptocurrency?”. The answer is definitely “Yes”, it is worth that. However, novice investors should keep in mind the following things:

  • Investments always bear risks. Do not spend your last money. Do not borrow money to invest. Invest as much as you can afford, even if it is a small sum. Giving out the last money causes people to follow their emotions, and that is the thing worth doing in trading and investments. You should always act with a cool head. Only then you will succeed. Always adhere to your trading strategy, and never succumb to emotions.
  • Pick a credible and trusted platform where you can entrust your investments and rest assured. The exchange you choose must be official and comply with all AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your client) standards.
  • The platform’s reputation and reviews.
  • The level of customer support. Check out if the tech support operates quickly.
  • The fee policy must be transparent.
  • The daily trade volume of the exchange shows how popular the service is. If there are many clients every day, the trade volume is high.
  • The number of crypto assets available and the opportunity to trade with fiat money.

The best places to buy cryptocurrency

To buy and sell crypto in minutes, use one of these platforms: Binance, Coinbase, WhiteBIT crypto exchange, Huobi, and OKEx. They all are centralized exchanges that work officially. Most operations are available after the KYC verification procedure. A user provides necessary documents to the exchange office for checking. It is done to verify a user’s data and make sure one has not been engaged in any illegal activities in the past. Once KYC is accomplished, a user may access all the exchange tools. Large platforms like we mentioned above offer many earning opportunities and trading instruments: p2p, spot, trading with leverage, margin, etc.

Some platforms allow purchasing cryptocurrency with fiat. For example, the WhiteBIT crypto exchange allows using bank cards to buy coins with fiat currencies. When using this method, clients should consider a bank fee. Monobank cards provide zero fees.

Large and credible crypto platforms often provide educational materials for users – charts, last news from the industry, popular assets, new projects, etc. Some exchanges enable clients to practice trading using demo accounts.

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