The Different Types And Styles Of Video Production

Styles Of Video Production

Producing videos as a marketing tool shook the business world at its core. With about 81% of people choosing to buy products or services from watching brand videos (read more), it is crystal clear that the strategy works best in this fast-changing world. From old-fashioned tv commercials to posting a video online on different platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo, video production has been a staple for many years at almost all businesses worldwide! In this article, we will tackle the different types and styles of video production.

Are you considering videos as a medium to promote your products or services? That is a great choice! Riding the tides of video-making is a great way to improve your business growth. But since video-making is a popular marketing strategy, one can say your content might drown in the densely populated video platforms.

 Knowing the types will provide you with a brief idea of what videos you want to make for your business. Taking advantage of different styles can increase the number of viewers per content. And with the two combined, your content can stand out and spread like wildfire on the internet!

Types Of Videos Used In Marketing

There are three main types of videos used in marketing, and they are:

  • Engaging/Entertainment: This type aims to hook people into buying your product or service.
  • Educational: This type teaches customers about the product and services. This type teaches new employees about the service and culture.
  • Awareness: Informing people about your company, what you do, and what products and services you offer.

Examples Of Engaging Or Entertainment Videos

  • Vlogging

Vlogging or “video blogging” is a popular genre amongst today’s generation. The genre uses a diary-style of making content by filming an experience from the vlogger’s day-to-day life. Although this is widely used by influencers today, you can still utilize vlogging to promote your brand by showing your product experiences. This genre requires minimal edits like cutting parts of the film and much easier to create content!

  • Skits

Skits are short comedic writing, act, or videos that entertain viewers and readers. The skits can be a parody or may be entirely original. Prime examples of skits are super bowl commercials that make people laugh while promoting products by showing how relatable it is in certain situations!

Examples Of Educational Videos

  • Product Review

Product reviews give insights into the product they present to the audience. It is a good source for learning about the good and the bad about the products and may contain some comparison. Reviews are unconvincing if you are the one that made it; people might think you are biased. So when considering filming product reviews, it is better to allow a third party to handle it for you!

  • Explainer Or How-To

Explainer videos are the most basic example of the educational type. It gives customers a walkthrough on using the product and answers the most common questions asked. An explainer video is also utilized to explain all about the service to new employees of the company!

Examples For Awareness Videos

  • Top List Videos

There is one genre that can put your brand on people’s radar, and that is top list videos! Top list video or “round-ups” is a genre that lists down top places, products, services, etc. It typically gives a brief explanation of why it earned a spot on the list. Examples of these are “Top 10 vacation spots you need to add to your bucket list” or “Top 10 movies of all time.”

  • Commercial

Commercials are an introduction about the products by a company. It typically starts with an issue and is followed by the solution, which is the product. Although it can be an informative or educational type of video, it leans more on the awareness side of the spectrum.

  • Promotional

Promotional videos are a stapled example of this type, and they had been used for many years. This example is a combination of an announcement and commercial video where it shows what the company achieved. Other types of promotional videos include product launches, FAQs, and video ads.

Different Styles Of Video Production And When To Use Them

  1. Whiteboard Style

Simplicity is beauty, and that is what the style is all about. Whiteboard has been used for learning, and it came naturally for video content creators to utilize this to explain different concepts. But for marketing, this has more to offer than for educational purposes. It can be used for round-ups, promotional, and even skits! 

You can hire artists and editors for the job, and you will have your whiteboard in no time. But if you want to make them yourself, there are many articles on how to make a whiteboard video on the internet. Another benefit of this style is how straightforward it is when making it. You have to draw, talk, and edit the video to make it more clean and simple.

2. Live-Action Style

Live-action video is all about real people at real locations in relatable situations. This style is widely used on many contents such as skits, interviews, promotional, and vlogging videos. Marketers prefer to use this style since it is more versatile; you film almost every video production type. However, live-action might be costly; paying actors and production crews are expensive, so consider your budget.

3. Animations

Animations are enjoyable to watch; showing the limits of the imagination of animators sure is entertaining. It has different forms like stop-motion, 2D, and 3D. The potential of this style can achieve what live-action can not. Japan is notorious for using 2D animations to promote products while also entertaining watchers. This style applies to all age group audiences making it versatile.

4. Motion Graphics

Motion graphic style is brief yet informative and makes complex ideas into more digestible pieces! This style is as entertaining to watch as animation style through its creative motions and transitions. This style is utilized in making round-up and promotional content. There are many different motion graphic styles, such as liquid motion, Isometric design animation, and kinetic typography.

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