As the Internet continues to evolve, so does BestBonus, the world’s biggest directory of online casino bonuses. For the first time in its history, BestBonus has unveiled a brand new design that lets users more easily find the bonuses they want and need, making navigation easier than ever before. See how BestBonus’s website redesign impacts users as well as the site’s top competitors.


The most noticeable effect of a redesign is an increase in traffic. A fresh, polished design will draw more eyes to your site and invite them to click around. This increase in clicks leads to a jump in page views (and page views, as you know, lead to revenue). And while spikes are great, it’s also important that your website maintains steady, long-term growth; after all, what good is an initial spike if it’s followed by months of declining numbers?

Conversion Rate

Page load speed affects user experience, but it also impacts conversion rate. Studies show that a half-second delay in page-load time can cause a 7% decrease in conversions. With that being said, even a small increase to your site’s loading speed could lead to increased customer loyalty and purchases. After launching our new website, we saw our average bounce rate go down by 15%. This means that people are spending more time on our site which equates to happier customers and more business for us.

Average Order Value

What customers usually buy when they visit your website is called their average order value. Analyzing and improving it will help you make sure that you’re getting as much money out of your existing customers as possible. What’s more, it can also help to improve your site’s conversions by making your most attractive products visible at first glance. And don’t forget about free shipping – offering it can encourage more purchases from customers who are already ordering from you! Just be careful not to offer too many deals; if you’re constantly promoting discounts, then it may hurt your brand image in people’s minds.

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Cost per Acquisition

One important way to figure out how much your website redesign costs is to measure Cost per Acquisition (CPA). This basically measures how much it costs for each customer acquired from your site. The lower your CPA, the better! We’ve found that our CPA has dropped by nearly 50% since our redesign, which demonstrates one significant benefit we’ve seen from a new website design. If you want more data about cost per acquisition, be sure to check out our monthly reports here. Our average CPA was $47 before and $23 after redesigning our website. That’s not bad considering all of the benefits we get from a redesigned site. Our overall revenue also increased after re-designing and optimizing our website so there are many other ways in which investing in a new web design can impact your business as well.

Decrease in Bounce Rate

With a new design, you can decrease your bounce rate because it’s more appealing and user-friendly. A new design will make users trust your site more, since it will be clean and uncluttered. Visitors are more likely to stay on your site if they like what they see. Also, search engines view newer sites as having higher authority due to their frequent updates so they prefer these sites over older ones. This means that new website can generate increased traffic through better rankings.

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