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The New Edge Browser from Microsoft will be Available Via Windows Update

The new Microsoft Edge, which is one of the most promising products from Microsoft will now be available via Windows update. Microsoft announced that they’ll provide the new Chromium-based Edge browsers via a new Windows update. Earlier, users could only manually download and install it on their Windows 10 PC. But after releasing the update, the new Edge browser will be available for all the users automatically.

Microsoft Edge Browser Via Windows Update

Internet Explorer was the default browser for Windows 10 PCs for years. Then the Edge Browser came. But, just like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge was unable to impress Windows users. Because of its browser engine and slow responsiveness, Edge Browser was worst for the users. But when Microsoft announced that they’ll now make Edge browser based on Chromium, users really got excited.

And then the new Chromium-based Edge browser was launched.  And it seemed pretty good to the users. Even some Windows 10 users experienced it better than the most popular Google Chrome browser. The new Chromium-based Edge browser is completely different than it’s previous versions. As it’s based on Chromium, users get a lot of features including Chrome extension support on this browser.

Get the New Edge Browser

Before the new Windows update, users only could get this new Edge browser by manually downloading it. So, basic Windows users had to face problems getting this awesome browser on their PC. But now, the problem is solved. Because Microsoft is rolling out a new update for Windows 10 that’ll include the new Edge browser with the update.

So, those who haven’t got the new Edge browser earlier now will get it automatically on their PC. But what’ll happen to those Windows users who already have got the new edge browser? Well, it’s not sure but they’ll probably receive the update too and it’ll update the new Edge browser to a new version.


The new Edge browser will remove the old Edge browser and from now, users will get the update automatically with regular Windows update. The new Edge browser is good, but it lacks some features. However, Microsoft has promised the users that they’ll release regular updates for the Edge browser that’ll include new features.

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