Things to know before acquiring a home in Port de la Mer, Dubai

Port de la Mer

The Dubai market, especially local property in Dubai Marina the UAE, Business Bay, and other sought after places, continues to grab the attention of investors and end users. Port de la Mer is in great demand among buyers of off-plan properties. An elite community is situated in the heart of the Jumeirah area and is considered as “one of a kind island resort” and a luxury private residential neighbourhood with all amenities within easy reach.

No one was surprised when the project offering a unique seaside lifestyle, with a number of attractions within walking distance, became one of the most attractive locations in Dubai to buy a home. Read on to find out more about the things Port de la Mer can offer to investors and end users.

Community overview

Port de La Mer is an up-to-date residential area located in the densely populated Jumeirah 1 area. It is close to the Pearl Jumeirah Island, approximately 10 minutes drive from the City Walk Dubai entertainment district and the super-high-rise Burj Khalifa. The selection of local real estate consists of apartment complexes, penthouses, villas, and townhouses with picturesque views of the beautiful beaches and the city’s skyline.

This is much more than just a seasonal getaway. The complex attracts permanent residents with an exclusive lifestyle by the sea with a wide range of amenities. Local benefits are the following:

  • multiple berths for yachts and an exclusive yacht club;
  • 4- and 5- star hotels and premium resorts;
  • access to private beaches and landscaped terraces;
  • family parks and playgrounds;
  • swimming pools and gyms with modern exercise equipment.

It is a quiet and secluded corner in one of the most bustling, active, and crowded cities in the world. When completed, the seashore complex in Jumeirah 1 will present an exclusive collection of apartments and penthouses, as well as a limited selection of villas and townhouses, each with a unique architectural style and multiple modern amenities.

Several retail outlets, restaurants and hotels will be conveniently situated on the promenade. The residents of the complex will be able to get to entertainment facilities easily and quickly at any given time. However, to ensure maximum safety, controlled access to vehicles will be implemented.

Community real estate

At the moment, all residential units are concentrated in the northern part of the Jumeirah 1 area. Here you can find the La Cote residential complex. It consists of 5 low-rise buildings with 408 apartments. There are 1- to 5-bedroom housing options for sale with a size between 101283 m2. Other projects will include exclusive penthouses ranging in size from 278 to 465 m2.

Speaking about the range of properties, it is worth mentioning the limited choice of premium residential units. Buyers are offered 3- and 4-bedroom villas and 3 to 5-bedroom townhouses, mostly located in Sur la Mer.

You can learn more about average apartment prices in the community in the following table:

The number of bedrooms in an apartment An average price for an apartment(UAE dirhams)
1 1,300,000
2 1,800,000
3 3,800,000
4 6,300,000
5 15,500,000


In apartment complexes, each residential unit has a master bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and a kitchen with a balcony. Some apartments also have a terrace with wonderful views of the surrounding area.

The following table shows the cost of private houses in the community:

The number of bedrooms in a private house An average price for a private house (UAE dirhams)
3 4,400,000
4 5,900,000
5 9,300,000


Transport infrastructure in the community

The neighbourhood is connected to the rest of Dubai by bridges and roads. It can be reached both by land, on private or public transport, and by se aon yachts. It is just 10 minutes’ drive from La Mer and City Walk malls. Dubai International Airport is just 15 minutes away.

There are several bus stops within 5 minutes. You can get to any part of the city. Personal vehicle drivers will not have to worry about searching for a parking space. It is being constructed in accordance with postmodern building trends. Residents of multi-apartment complexes will have access to assigned parking spaces, residents of private housing units will have access to garages.

Retail outlets near to the community

In neighbourhood, retail outlets are under construction, so locals can go shopping in neighbouring communities. Mercato Mall is a 10-minute drive. Its stunning architecture and various retail and entertainment venues attract families with children, couples, and single visitors.

Mercato Mall is one of the best malls in Dubai. People come here not only for shopping, but also for pleasant and fun pastimes. You can enjoy delicious treats on the food court or in the restaurant, watch a movie at VOX Cinemas, or leave the children in Fun City under the careful supervision of the staff.

Visitors to the mall have access to well-known brands such as Charles and Keith, Damas, and Diesel. In addition, here are Beach Bunny, Sephora, iSea, and SEVENFRIDAY retail stores.

Restaurants near to the community

The master plan of the Porte de la Mer includes many cafes and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. Residents can also access public catering establishments near the La Mer beach. At Zou Zou Restaurant, Turkish and Lebanese dishes are served, while juicy beef burgers are served at Catch 22. Everyone will find a place that perfectly matches their own taste. 

Beaches near to the community

La Mer Beach is one of the busiest and most popular beaches next to the area. Here, you can find everything for the perfect family vacation: starting with retail shops and catering vans with interesting snacks and refreshing cocktails, to a water park with breathtaking rides. It also frequently organizes fun activities for children of all ages.

Entertainment and attractions near the community

Those who want to experience an adrenaline rush can go to the main local attraction, La Mer Beach, for extreme sports such as jet skiing, kayaking, and water skiing. Numerous entertainment options for children and adults in this location attract tourists and residents of the city throughout the year.

La Mer has a lot of restaurants in addition to active leisure and all sorts of amenities, such as modern showers and beach huts. The Indian diner Masti and Stars n Bars deserve special and separate mention.

Churches, temples and mosques near the community

Since the neighbourhood is currently under construction, the building of prayer sites and mosques continues. For now, local Muslim residents can go to the central part of the Jumeirah region. There are many mosques in the area. The road to the famous Jumeirah Mosque will take only 5-7 minutes. Several Christian churches are also within a 15 minute drive.

Educational institutions close to the community

There are not a lot of educational institutions in Porte de la Mer yet. GEMS Wellington International School in the Jumeirah area is situated in the immediate proximity. It has received a ‘Very Good’ rating from the the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA). The school uses a British Curriculum. In fact, this is one of the best British GEMS educational institutions in Dubai.

Healthcare facilities close to the community

The medical facilities are currently under construction. Until the construction is not over, local residents can use the services of several neighbouring clinics. The International Hospital is approximately 10 minutes’ drive.  You can get to Shamma Clinic and GMC Clinic in Jumeirah 1 within a 5-7 minute drive,.

Reasons to invest in community real estate

The following are some of the important reasons to invest in Porte de la Mer real estate:

  1. Convenient location. Homeowners in a modern neighbourhood have everything they need at their fingertips for a comfortable and interesting life. With the help of the developed transport infrastructure, they can  get to any place in the city fast and easy in the shortest possible time. Proximity to popular tourist attractions, shopping and entertainment centers will provide quality leisure time. An important factor is the availability of schools, hospitals and buildings for worship.
  2. An extensive range of real estate. The Meraas company has announced that the French Riviera-style deluxe community will consist of several phases. Each phase will introduce different types of properties with unique architectural styles, layouts, and amenities. At this time, the following phases of Port de La Mer are known: La Voile, La Cote, La Rive, and Le Pont.  These housing units are perfect for those who love luxury, from terracotta roofs to whitewashed stonework and green bushes cascading from balconies.
  3. Wide selection of amenities. Local residents have access to all kinds of amenities. They can benefit from gyms, restaurants, retail outlets, hotels and promenade attractions right next to their home.
  4. Affordable payment plans. The starting property price in Port de la Mer is AED 1,215,000. Meraas, a community building company, offers attractive payment plans that will appeal to investors and end users interested in buying local housing units.

Assistance with buying property in Porte de la Mer

La Mer is one of the most famous beaches in Dubai, so real estate in this location will always be sought after among buyers and tenants from all over the world. When the construction of the exclusive Porte de La Mer community was announced, it immediately attracted the attention of investors. The community will offer developed infrastructure and various kinds of amenities.

In order to get help with acquiring or renting a premium property in the Port de La Mer community or any other investment-attractive location in Dubai, please contact AX Capital directly. Clients of a well-known agency in the UAE can count on advice concerning any issue of interest to them, full support during the real estate transaction, and high-quality after-sales service.

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