Three Streaming Platforms; Hulu, Netflix, and Disney Plus. Which Is Ideal For You?

Useful Features Of Netflix

With pretty much nothing to do at home than binge-watch everything you’ve had piling up in your list, you might wonder which streaming platform you’re going to do that in. It’s a totally viable question to ask yourself since there are so many platforms out there that offer what you want, though you still can’t choose which to spend money on to subscribe to.


As I said, there are so many online streaming platforms that deciding on one subscription may be too difficult. So why not just turn to the top three streaming platforms for your entertainment needs? Disney plus is for you to dive back into your nostalgia to relive the childish fantasies, Hulu for your TV show needs, and Netflix for pretty much everything! 


Helping you come to a decision of which you’ll be spending on, is what we’re here to do! We’re going to run down some of the key differences of each platform to truly see which streaming service you’ll be subscribing to. If you’re willing to spare some more money for your entertainment, you can always subscribe to more than one! 

How Popular Each Streaming Platform Is, Subscription-wise

Now, with how popular these three streaming services are, it’s going to be hard to come to a conclusion, right? Disney Plus vs Hulu vs netflix, which is the most popular? If you want to stay on a budget, then it isn’t a wise move to subscribe to more than one of these services, right? So why don’t you allow statistics to help you out a little? 


Why would it help you? Well, the higher number of subscribers means that the service offered is generally better, right? In the US alone, Hulu has amassed over 30 million subscribers with Disney Plus not too far behind being under just 30 million. Netflix is the top contender in subscription count, having over 150 million subscriptions – globally! 

What Content Does Each Streaming Service Have?

What makes the popularity count high probably isn’t the other factors like user-friendliness or the way the whole platform looks. It’s content offered that make each platform popular! The content offered is probably what makes people struggle to choose between the three. If you can get one series and more out of one platform, then why subscribe to the other, right?


People tend to gravitate towards Hulu if they want to watch their all-time favorite 10-season shows. They feature shows from popular networks like ABC, Fox, and NBC. Disney Plus is the place where all of your nostalgia lives – anything and everything Disney! Netflix is the top contender if you want a good balance – documentaries, movies, and TV series! 

Original Content

Disney Plus is the top contender in this section since they have the powerhouses of animation works – 21st Century Fox, Dreamworks, Lucasfilms, Pixar, and Marvel. Netflix trails closely behind because of its exclusive titles labeled “Netflix Originals” and comedy specials. Hulu specializes in the next-day-airing of TV shows from famous television networks like Fox.


We’ve highlighted which streaming platforms you need to subscribe to if you want a specific type of entertainment. Each streaming platform isn’t really limited to one type of media, so you’re guaranteed a lot of screening time if you want to watch whatever you want. Movies, Cartoons, TV Shows, Documentaries, True Crime, all for you to enjoy!

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