Top 10 Reasons Why QNET Is Not a Scam

QNET Is Not a Scam

QNET is not a scam, but a legitimate and highly decorated global direct selling company. They provide customers worldwide with unique, high-quality products and services while building a sales business by promoting the products. Here are 10 reasons why QNET’s not a scam and is an e-commerce-based direct selling business. 

  1. QNET pays commission based entirely on products sold

QNET designed its compensation plan to pay commissions only on the sale of products— unlike illegal pyramid schemes, which pay participants for recruiting people. In addition, the QNET business model does not differentiate between those who joined earlier or later. Earnings are commensurate with the work put in by the person and not the timing or placement of a person within the businesses’ team. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, pay people at the top who joined earlier for recruiting people at the bottom who joined later. These schemes are unsustainable and eventually collapse. 

  1. QNET operates in countries with stringent consumer protection laws

QNET has offices around the globe, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, and Rwanda. All these countries are known for having strict regulatory systems and consumer protection laws. QNET has been operating for many years in these countries in compliance with local regulations. 

  1. QNET gives back to communities in need

Almost from the beginning, more than two decades ago, QNET has been involved in giving back to the local communities in which it operates in some form or the other. Through its corporate social responsibility arm, the RYTHM Foundation, QNET has helped improve the lives of more than 50,000 people in underserved communities in India, Sri Lanka, South East Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. More recently, QNET responded to the pandemic’s devastating impact on high-need communities by launching their #QNETCares campaign, which united employees, distributors, and charities and provided food, essential supplies, and even medical equipment to vulnerable populations in more than 30 countries worldwide. “Giving back is in our DNA,” said QNET’s CEO Malou Caluza, according to a statement from the company. “It is part of our commitment through our founders’ philosophy of RYTHM: Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.”

  1. QNET has more than two decades of direct selling industry experience

From humble beginnings in Southeast Asia, QNET has grown into a global powerhouse in the direct selling business by harnessing the impact of e-commerce. QNET has pioneered the direct selling industry in many emerging economies in the Middle East, sub-Saharan Africa, and Central Asia. QNET’s e-commerce based direct selling business has gained popularity in many emerging economies. It offers micro-entrepreneurship opportunities to people looking for flexible self-employment opportunities but who find the costs of starting a traditional business too prohibitive. 

  1. QNET is part of an international business group with many business interests around the world. 

QNET is part of a well-established global multinational conglomerate, the QI Group. The founders of QI Group are well-known business leaders, authors, and speakers who have successfully built a conglomerate that includes a university in Malaysia, a global chain of hotels and resorts, a niche organic retail chain in the U.S., investments in tech start-ups, and a partnership with Bernhard H. Mayer, a historic Swiss watch brand. 

  1. QNET has been accepted as a member by prominent industry bodies in several countries

Direct Selling Associations (DSAs) act as self-regulating bodies for their members and ensure that all members adhere to a strict code of conduct. QNET couldn’t be a scam because it is a member of the DSA in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, and an equivalent association in Indonesia. QNET’s European business, QN Europe, is a member of the DSA in France and Spain. All DSAs are members of the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations, headquartered in Washington, D.C. 

  1. QNET partners with leading sports teams and top athletes

QNET has a history of supporting up-and-coming sports teams and sportspersons. Some of QNET’s prominent sports sponsorships include the Marussia F1 team in Formula One from 2011 to 2014, an ongoing partnership with the Manchester City Football Club since 2014, and sponsorship of the African Football club competitions by the Confederation of African Football (CAF). The first Swiss tennis player to win a Grand Slam and attain a No.1 ranking, Martina Hingis, was formerly a QNET brand ambassador in India.

“We have supported different types of sports through the years, not just because it helps us share our brand with a wider audience but also because we recognize the similarities between sports and entrepreneurship,” says Caluza. 

“Hard work, commitment, teamwork, and focus—these are the trades one needs to succeed in business and sports.” Over the years, QNET has supported hockey and partnered with badminton and tennis sporting events.

  1. QNET prides itself on training and mentoring

QNET offers regular training programs at all levels to independent representatives around the world. From small training events to conventions with thousands of international attendees, the company helps participants learn from the best in the business. Programs include everything from business-building techniques to leadership development and personal development. 

  1. QNET keeps a watchful eye on its distributors 

QNET’s distributors must follow a strict code of conduct as distributors (known as independent representatives) of the company. All QNET distributors must adhere to the company’s policies and procedures, which govern how they represent the QNET business opportunity to prospects and conduct business when using the QNET name. QNET has a zero tolerance policy towards any violations of its policies and will immediately terminate those found guilty. 

  1. QNET has won multiple global awards 

QNET is constantly innovating to give its distributors a better customer experience through its digital assets, business tools, educational videos, and marketing materials. Multiple international bodies have recognized these efforts, and QNET has won awards at the Stevie Awards, the Titan Business Awards, the Globee Awards, and many more. 


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