Top online casinos with large jackpots that accept Paysafecard deposits

Virtual casinos that support Paysafecard not only offer a convenient way to fund your account. These gambling clubs guarantee fast jackpot payouts to their customers.

How online casinos pay out jackpots 

In the headlines, top online casinos that accept Paysafecard deposits regularly appear with information that some player has hit the jackpot in the tens of millions of euros. Such events are actively advertised by the casino itself, to show its honesty and attract new customers. Jackpot payout schemes and requirements for winners are discussed in the text below.

Jackpot payment schemes

Large winnings can be paid out both by software developers or casino representatives. Gambling operators enter into direct contracts with software providers. In such documents, jackpots are agreed upon.

The slot machine makers combine their products in all casinos into a single network. In this case, the overall jackpot can be won by a user playing at any connected operator. It is the winnings from the developers that are usually the biggest. There are cases in history where lucky players have withdrawn several tens of millions of dollars.

Payouts from software providers are made in two ways:

  • the money is transferred directly to the winner;
  • funds are credited to the casino, which makes the payment.

Software developers pay from a joint account, which is formed from all partner casinos’ royalties.  The size of progressive jackpots in the same game is the same for different slot machine operators.

Winning the total prize from a provider is extremely difficult. More realistic is the possibility of hitting the jackpots, which are generated directly by the casino. The amounts here are usually an order of magnitude lower, but the competition is less.

By the way, prize amounts can be artificially increased in anticipation of major holidays. This is done by both virtual casino operators and the owners of slot machine manufacturing firms. A striking example is the New Year’s holidays. Towards the end of the year, special tournaments are launched where participants compete for jackpots of more than 50,000,000 rupees.

How to withdraw your winnings

Gambling platforms are often reluctant to part with their money. If large winnings fall on the user’s account, the player should be prepared for serious checks. The customer must confirm that:

  • the jackpot was won without the use of prohibited strategies;
  • no bonus funds have been used;
  • the player is of legal age and resides in a country where the casino is not prohibited.

The player undergoes additional verification by uploading scans of documents, bank card photos, and notarized copies of e-wallet contracts. Additionally, the Security Service may require taking selfies in front of the document or contacting by video link to answer questions.

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