Top Skills to include in Resume for Secondary Teacher

Skills include Secondary Teacher

Teaching for the secondary section is quite different from teaching for high school or university. The syllabus, students and overall teaching method are entirely different. However, as with every government and private school teaching, teachers need to undergo the test. Like the BPSC exam, one needs to undergo the test, and after passing out the exam, the individual can take up the job. Read out Top Skills to include in Resume for Secondary Teacher.

Like the Bihar STET, other entrance exams will also require the candidate to undergo the interview session. If you are applying for the teaching job, then you need to be ready with a resume. The resume should contain all the essential parts that can give a high chance to get the work.

Here are some of the essential skills you need to include while applying for secondary teaching:

  • Critical Thinker

As a critical thinker, you will be able to consider the best interests of the students and their goals. Moreover, you also need to consider the interests of parents and their expectations. This will help to keep the classroom safe for students and make them feel about learning. As a critical thinker, you also need to ensure you can handle doubts of students.

  • Patience:

One of the important skills you need to add on the resume is patience. Since you will be teaching to different types of secondary students there will be stress. Dedicated students will contribute more to the classroom discussion, but others may be challenging and hard to handle them. Therefore, you need to keep patience and know-how to handle the situation. You should be patient enough to maintain the balance between his or her expectations.

  • Communication

Another primary skill you need to add in your resume is good communication. When it comes to communication, you need to have soft skill and good communication. When we say good communication, we mean you need to be clear in helping them with clearing doubts. In many cases, students will be facing doubts, and you need to have excellent communication to explain them in details. Good communication is not limited to students, but also you need to communicate with other teachers and higher school authorities. This good communication skill will help in further career.

  • Organization

When the school authority sees your resume has organization skill, then there is a high chance of getting the job. When it comes to organization, you need to be very particular about things. Right from having pens, whiteboard markers and extra paper, you need to be well prepared with all things when reaching out to secondary students.

  • Teamwork

Teamwork is not limited to offices, but also you need to carry these skills while teaching students. Teachers need to work along with other teachers and manage lectures. Teachers have planning meetings to come up with the best curriculum and classroom practices for students. Moreover, teachers will need to seek assistance from other teachers when it comes to syllabus preparation and other aspects. Teachers with strong teamwork skills will be able to collaborate with students, teachers and higher authority.

  • Time Management

Teaching is one such job where the teacher will need to work from home too, like preparing notes and correcting exam paper. In many cases, you will also need to manage the time along with house chores work. You will need to strategies the time to manage schoolwork and personal work. At the time of the pandemic, this time management skill will work best and help you with multiple aspects of the profession.

Once you hold these skills and present in your resume, there is a high chance of getting a job.

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