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Top trending web designs and developments elements in the year 2019

Information technology is an industry that is absolutely versatile and dynamic. Every year the industry evolves and creates exciting business solutions that are better than the previous ones. Consequently, all the web designer and developers of the industry need to embrace these changes and evolve to stay in line with the latest trend and technology.  One needs to be updated with the latest trends that govern the web design industry. Incorporating these latest trends and technology in designs will facilitate web developers to provide clients trending designs and solutions for their business. In this article today, we have listed some latest trends that have an impact on web development in the year 2019.

  • Flat designs- Flat design website is an interface that emphasis on minimum use of elements, simple colors, and topography. In the year 2018, the crafting of simple flat design websites, for better mobile performance started trending with the increasing use of mobile phones. Having a website with heavy images makes it difficult for mobile users to browse pages. So, with the increasing number of mobile users, triggered the popularity of flat design websites that are simple, clean and most importantly that which facilitates quick loading. However, using flat design doesn’t really mean it’s boring. It is more about getting rid of the clutter and focusing on the important aspects of the website. Utilizing vibrant colors, clean, crisp design and functionality is refreshing from distracting and slow-loading designs. This is exactly why flat designs have gained significant popularity and will continue to be trendy in the current year as well.
  • Animations in Logo- With the advancement of technology, web browsers today can better handle animations in their web designs. In 2019 with the usher of technology, the use of animation in logos has started gaining great popularity. Appealing visuals are much more memorable to our minds and this why animated logos are widely being used among web developers. having animated logos not only facilitate better brand recognition but also makes your brand more persuasive for potential customers. So, having said this, you can surely witness animated logos setting trend in the industry for years to come.
  • Virtual videos– In the current year, we are going to witness a significant rise in the use of videos on websites. Not just that, we would see a sharp rise in the Web development of apps and services that make it easier to create videos. Currently, websites are impressively trending with 360 videos, video mapping, and interactive videos. In fact, currently, there are quite a few apps that facilitate creating of virtual reality videos and making them more accessible.
  • IOT Application – IOT is the latest technology that is used for sending and receiving data through network connectivity that doesn’t require internet. This type of technology is surely going to trend in the industry, where agencies would develop applications that collect, analyze, and provide data from such devices.
  • Unique creative topography – Although web designers may keep the website simple and clean but they shall unleash their creativity in typography.   When it comes to current trends in the web designs services, using creative topography instead of relying on heavy web designs for raising eyebrows, is what we can witness this year. Using unique typography for boosting the design aesthetic shall help websites load much faster and get better noticed. Using a peculiar style of topography has the ability to connect and associate subconsciously. Expressive typography combined with flat web design can create powerful and alluring web designs that shall capture the viewer’s attention for longer, and further provide better results than the heavy image websites.

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