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Without the Internet connection, we can not use our smartphones or laptops to their optimum Use. We can’t connect to our favorite blog of site. This is worst when sometimes we need to access very important blog but can’t able due to Internet issues. This is also more worst when you are working on slow Internet connection. Loading websites using a slow connection is like pain in the ass. In such times, you can use a trick to access websites while being offline. website downloader online. You can download your favorite blog completely to access it offline. After downloading a complete site, you can browse it without any internet connection and having fast page loading speed. Read More:

website downloader online

#1 Download a website to access it offline Using HTTrack website downloader online.

HTTrack allows you to download any website for offline use and is very easy to use. Just Follow these steps.

Step 1. Download and install HTTrack from downloader online

Step 2. Open HTTrack, and enter the project name, project category and the default path to save the websites you download.

website downloader online

Step 3. Enter the required details and just click on next, Now in the text box you have to enter the URL of the site which you want to download, just paste the complete URL of the site and click on next.

website downloader online

Step 4. HTTrack will now download the entire Wikipedia website for your offline browsing. The download process can take time, based on your internet speed and size of the website you are downloading. In our case, Wikipedia is huge so it took some time.

How To Download A Complete Website To Browse Offline Without Internet

Now after download process is complete, just browse to the saved path, and there you will find your website file  that you can now browse at your own time without worrying about Internet connection.

Hope you like this post to download your favorite blog to access offline. Don’t forget to share this with your friends… 🙂


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