What is a cricket flipper?

The methods for making good deliveries in cricket can be surprisingly complex. The website features wagers on the best bowlers in the sport.

A particularly interesting technique to do that is the flipper. In general, this technique is used by spin bowlers. Prior to releasing the ball, the bowler will try to squeeze it by using his second finger and his thumb. By doing that, a backspin effect is introduced into the trajectory of the ball once it’s released. If properly done, it can be one of the most difficult deliveries to handle by batters. All these delivery methods are available at the 1xBet online bookmaker, where users can place wagers on all their occurrences.

The Magnus effect

The cricket flipper also takes advantage of a physical phenomenon that many other delivery techniques use: the Magnus effect. Without going too deep into physics or aerodynamics, this is the effect that causes a ball of any sport to curve its trajectory while airborne. While waiting for more deliveries of this kind, you can visit the online casino 1xBet and explore its wide range of forms of entertainment.

There are a series of effects that happen after the ball is delivered in this way, if it is done properly of course, such as:

  • the ball will drop slower than if it would be following a standard ballistic trajectory;
  • due to this shallower angle, it is also likely that the ball will bounce lower than with other techniques;
  • because of these effects, there can be a leg before wicket or stump kind of out.


The 1xBet online casino is full of great games, and they can be tried out before the next interesting cricket game starts. Of course, achieving all of this can be quite difficult. In general, years of experience may be required in order to master the flipper.

Making adjustments on the delivery

The players that have the highest degree of proficiency with the flipper have learned to do a few adjustments when making the delivery. The one x Bet app can be obtained for wagering on these bowlers from tablets and also mobile phones.

For example, cricketers can adjust the speed at which they rotate the arm prior to the release. This will result in the ball having different initial speeds, which in turn will affect the overall time of travel of the ball. Also, it is possible to “pop” the ball in various degrees. This refers to how much the ball is squeezed prior to its release. The more it is “popped” the stronger the backflip effect will be during its flight. The app offered by one x Bet is available for Android and iOS, and punters can use it on the best cricketers from all over the world.

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