What is IT outsourcing, and what are its benefits?

IT outsourcing is getting more and more popular over the years. The reason for it is the incredible sense of control over the whole development process that this cooperation model provides. Aside from this, IT outsourcing can be a great way to achieve cost-effective development.

So, let’s take a closer look at what IT-outsoursing is and what are its benefits compared to other ways of engaging the development team.

What is IT Outsourcing 

IT outsourcing is an engagement model that enables you to work with a software development vendor more effectively. It defines the use of external, third-party providers of software development services in order to achieve better outcomes for businesses. 

Outsourcing can do a number of things for your business. There are a couple of benefits this model has by itself and a few reasons why it can be better than outstaff. Let’s take a closer look at them: 

  1. Helps you create a roadmap. IT outsourcing usually comes with IT-consulting services, which allows you to roadmap the development, as well as discover the needed features and solutions.
  2. Gives you guarantees. Unlike freelance cooperation, IT outsourcing vendors give you an opportunity to sight a contract and NDA. This makes your cooperation more secure, and you don’t have to worry about your data, or about really getting the job done.
  3. Builds up a network. So, let’s say you’ve created the software, and now you’re on your way. Your application has hit the market and every once in a while you need an update. Working with a company that provides outsourced services gives you a chance to always be in touch for further updates, modernization, or even hotfixes. 
  4. Accelerates time to market. Unlike outstaffing, freelancing, or other similar engagement models, IT outsourcing service means that you get a team working for you. And the team most always comes with a manager. You don’t have to control everything yourself, though you still have control over the working processes. This accelerates time to market since the team works with their manager, and your hand is still on the pulse of every decision.
  5. Control your budget. IT outsourcing companies usually have better at estimating their budget than those who outstaff or freelance. This way, you can make the development more cost-effective and find the right cooperation and budgeting model for your business. For example, small startups can work under the Fixed Price model and IT outsourcing companies can give you this chance.

So, now that you know how outsourcing can change the software development process for you, let’s figure out how IT outsourcing is really different from outstaffing. Let’s compare outsourcing vs outstaffing face to face!

How IT outsourcing is different from outstaffing 

You know what IT outsourcing is, and outstaffing isn’t too hard to understand. Basically, the name speaks for itself; outstaffing allows you to work with technical experts who work for a different company. So, outstaffing means you basically hire a third-party expert to provide you with their services for a few hours a day. 

Let’s get it all wrapped up: 

  1. IT outsourcing is hiring a whole team to work for your company alone. They would use their expertise and provide you with solutions that you didn’t think of before. The team would be fully at your disposal, but would have a manager to help them perform better.
  2. Outstaffing is hiring one or a few experts to pump up your existing team or simply help you with the development. The experts won’t have other managers but you and might not work with you full-time. They will be just an addition to your team and also can work for another company as well. 

While outstaffing is great in its own way, it has risks that might not be so kind to your business. For example, outstaffing requires a lot of attention from your side, and usually, you need to have a full team before you hire someone from another company. 

It is always an option to hire a few specialists from different vendors, but a much easier way is to go for IT outsourcing from one company. 

There are a lot of teams that provide this service. For example, Voypost is a software development company with extensive experience in the market that can help you achieve the best possible results with IT outsourcing. Their CEO has over 12 years of experience as a solution architect, so with them, you wouldn’t have to worry about software compliance with your business needs. 

Whatever you do next in your journey, you should remember that software development success depends not just on the team, but on you as well. So, whether you choose IT outsourcing or another development model of cooperation, you should devote all your time to your idea prosperity.

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