What types of bets do you encounter in roulette?

types of bets

In roulette there are several types of bets, their basic division is into external and internal bets. Inside and outside bets differ depending on which part of the game screen you place a bet on. So, what are the inside and outside bets?

Inside bets

When placing inside bets, you can bet on any of the numbers, exactly on all numbers from 0 to 36. In the event that you decide to place just such an inside bet, you can count on the fact that if you manage to win, you will get a really interesting assessment of your stake in the game. However, this is logically associated with a proportionally higher risk, which such a bet you are taking. Thus, this type of bet is especially suitable for players who are not afraid to risk their funds and are aware that their chances of winning are quite low.

In the case of internal bets, there is also an additional division, you can bet on one to six numbers. The higher the number of numbers you place a bet on, the lower the risk you take, but of course you also have to count on a lower possible return on your stake in the game.

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