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Which is the Best University for MS Courses in USA?

University for MS Courses in USA

For almost fifty years, the USA has been the most popular destination for Indian students for higher education. MS courses in USA for international students are a huge boost to staying ahead in this competitive world. Moreover, you have several options to do your MS in the USA and work and stay or move to the country you like. The USA is at the number one position in the minds of overseas students who want to pursue Masters in different fields. 

What is the cost of MS courses in USA for Indian Students?

The Cost of pursuing an MS in the USA is always a very important factor. However, there is a big difference between the tuition fees of a top university and the one which is not so popular.  For example, it can go as high as 65000 $ US and as low as 20,000 $ US. So, the cost varies from one university to another, and it also depends up on the course you choose. 

How can an Indian student join an MS courses in USA?

Minimum requirements for MS courses in the US

Three to four years of a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field with an average GPA of 3.0 or 65 – 70% and above

Proof of English-language Proficiency test IELTS

GRE score of 290 or above

Statement of Purpose

Two to three letters of recommendation.

Why Join MS courses in USA?

MS from US is considered one of the best courses in the world because it guarantees an excellent career and a chance to work in the iconic companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intel. If you see the global list of top 50 universities offering MS courses, most of them are from US. Moreover, no other country offers as much specialization for MS as US.

US government spends a lot of money in the field of research and development, and bulk of this money goes to these universities. They have world class faculty that includes many Nobel laureates. MS courses in the US offer a lot of flexibility, and students can choose courses as per their choice. 

Another popular course that Indian students look forward to is MBA in  USA without work experience.

Why Choose an MBA in the USA without work experience? 

MBA in the USA is a highly sought-after course by Indian students. Studying in the premier MBA colleges in USA for Indian students will boost your career and help you excel. You get an opportunity to learn how businesses are conducted on a global stage. 

An MBA from USA is a virtual license to excel in your career. If you do an MBA from the best business schools in the USA, it will also help you develop entrepreneurial skills. Finally, when you pass out from the university, companies will be waiting to hire you. While studying, you get a chance to work on important projects that gives you an opportunity to show your worth.

Another incredible advantage of doing an MBA from the USA is the global exposure that you will get. Many celebrities around the world have studied in the USA. The top universities in the USA for MBAs provide you with a global platform to showcase your skills. One added advantage of doing MS from US is the option of doing part-time jobs that provides you both experience and money.

You also get Post-Graduation Work Opportunities. Once you complete your course from any of the top MBA colleges in the USA, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit. You cannot think of a better course  to join after graduation. Although several universities in the USA offer MBAs, you must choose the best MBA colleges for Indian students.

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