Which Streaming Service Is A Perfect Match For You? Hulu vs. Netflix vs. Disney Plus

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In this time of home-quarantines, there isn’t a speck of doubt when I say that many streaming services have definitely bumped up their profits by a significant margin.

In this time of home-quarantines, there isn’t a speck of doubt when I say that many streaming services have definitely bumped up their profits by a significant margin. With a lot of people not having much to do in their homes, you can be sure that they’ll be looking for something entertaining to watch – be it history documentaries or some true crime shows!

With there being so many online streaming services to choose from, there now lies the question for you to ask and answer; which streaming service do I want to use? Do you want to watch some cooking documentaries, or maybe you want to relive your childhood nostalgia, or maybe binge-watch the entire 5-season run of your favorite TV Show!

That’s precisely what we’re here to do! We’re going to distinguish the differences between each of the three popular streaming services to help you come to a conclusion that whichever you’ll subscribe to will leave you satisfied. Of course, it goes without saying that you can subscribe to more than one, though that’s totally up to you! Here we go!

The Popularity of Each Streaming Service

It goes without saying that people are really struggling to choose between which platform they want to subscribe to. Hulu vs Netflix vs disney plus. You probably don’t want to blow out your wallet by subscribing to each of these all at the same time, right? So why don’t you get the subscription count to help you decide! More people means its a better service, right?


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Suppose we go over the statistics, in the US alone. In that case, Hulu and Disney plus have around 30 million subscribers. Since Netflix is the only one that’s been globally accessible, this number isn’t really far from expectations. Netflix has over 150 million subscribers, meaning it’s definitely the platform liked by everyone!

The Content That They Offer

Popularity doesn’t really say much about all of the platform – the services could very well be popular due to the content that they have to offer, right? Which brings us to the main topic as to why people really struggle to choose between the three different streaming platforms. What’s the content that each service has that the others don’t?


Well, from my knowledge, Hulu is definitely the place to go if you want to watch TV shows that came from popular channels such as NBC, Fox, and ABC. Disney Plus is the place to go if you want to watch anything and everything Disney – animations or live-actions! Netflix is the place you want to check out if you want a balance of all TV shows, movies, and documentaries!

Audio Quality

Suppose you want to get a better immersive experience when watching actions, thrillers, and horrors. In that case, this is something to pay attention to! Netflix can support stereo 2.0, surround sound 5.1, 7.1, and Dolby Atmos! Hulu and Disney plus can only support stereo 2.0 and surround sound 5.1. Which is already a pretty good standard!


We already mentioned it before, whichever type of entertainment you want is supplied by each streaming platform. Hulu for all of your TV shows, Disney plus for everything Disney, and Netflix for a great balance! Regardless of whichever you want to subscribe to, you’ll definitely get hours and hours of entertainment from every platform!

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