Your Diet Coach: 5 Best Fasting Apps That You Should Try This 2020

fasting apps

Among all the diet tactics out there, fasting is one of the most challenging methods to commit. You will need extra effort, a fixed schedule, and a strong resistance to various temptations you will meet along the way. Once you have decided to try this trendy diet, the next step is to choose what sort of fasting you would like to follow. There are several of them, and you have to focus on one tactic. 

Fastings diets sound tough and complicated, but once you have the right buddy, willing to help and attain your goals, the tactic will be much simpler. Thanks to the existence of our gadgets that help us reach everything from academic purposes to body goals. Smartphones allow us to choose and install a fasting app that will help us follow our diet plan. There are tons of applications you can choose from available on your Google Play Store or Apple Store. Check out this list of best fasting apps this 2020. 


If you prefer a fasting app that consistently gives you essential reminders for your fasting plan, the Zero app should be on your leading list. The app gives you an accurate reminder when it’s time to take your meal. You can also customize the app to track your fasting time. Choose from their several options available or make your own preferred schedule. 


Fastient is one of the best apps you should consider this 2020 that allows you to have a comprehensive record of your food intake and overall progress. It features a wide interface for your journal and your daily data. Fastient supports multiple devices. Thus, you can access your information through any platforms. 


Vora is one of the most popular Intermittent Fasting apps that provides a daily fastings goal and even users’ weight loss progress. The best highlight about the app is its ability to offer users full community support for the whole fastings diet journey. 

According to a study, one of the most significant sources of progress and success is social support. This leads to positive behavioral changes, allowing you to maintain or attain your goals. By using the Vora fasting app, you will also engage and socialize with a broader community who are also using the same app with similar goals. Peer-to-peer motivation will always work. 


BodyFast offers users ten different options. You can also get helpful tips from their provided effective meal plans. It guides you from the start until you reach your body weight. The app’s coach provided a comprehensive diet guide based on your weight-loss goals and age. 

Life Fasting Tracker

Life Fasting Tracker allows you to personalize and set your own goal, including your fasting period’s start and end. For example, if you’re on a keto diet, the app helps you check the period you’ve been on keto. You can also socialize with your friends online who are also using the app一 a great source of motivation. 

Takeaway of Fasting App

There are hundreds of fasting apps available to download. You just have to select what is most appropriate for your diet plan and goal. Fasting can be a hard diet tactic to follow, but all things will be much easier with the help of these apps. 

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