Add Related Posts on BlogSpot Using LinkWithin

Showing related posts on your blog have many benefits and one of the benefit is engaged your readers to your blog. A usual practice is to show related posts after posts and once a reader is complete reading current article, he can choose other from the related section. Related posts shows articles from your blog which is related to the current article.

You can read article to:  Add Related Posts After Blog Posts in WordPress.

BlogSpot bloggers are not so lucky as wordpress users to get any plugin. But you don’t worry I will share about one 3rd party service call LinkWithin, which helps you to create related post widget for your BlogSpot blog.

Related Posts

Methods Add Related Posts on BlogSpot Using LinkWithin:

Linkwithin Widget is it shows posts with pictures, that means you will get better CTR.

Go to this url: Linkwithin

Fill your details and Select the no of stories to show after the blog.

linkwithin details

Click on get widget on next page you will get instruction how to add linkwithin to your blog. Follow these steps and enjoy you best article on your blogspot.

If there is other method to show on blogspot please share with me. Don’t forget to share this your friends.

Happy blogging… 🙂

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