botnet attack

What is Botnet and How to prevent from botnet attack

Botnets are systems comprised of remote-controlled PCs, or "bots." These PCs have been contaminated with malware that enables them to be remotely controlled. Some botnets comprise of many thousands — or even millions — of PCs. Botnets are very...
paytm bank offers

Paytm Bank Offers and know Everything about Paytm Bank

Have you ever wondered that bank will offer discount? I don’t think you have ever wondered. But today I am making post on paytm bank offers which means that there is something good in paytm bank. In this post...
free hacking tools for windows

Best Free Hacking Tools For Windows, Mac OS X And Linux

Hacking is like a lifestyle now a days. many hackers may be target, you must know the hacking tips and first steps to prevent yourself. Technology and hacking is a field that’s constantly changing. To go along with...
android oreo features

What Are The Android oreo features and specifications

Android O is now official. Google released the first developer builds for the major update of its mobile operating system for Nexus and Pixel devices, While it largely features behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes for rough edges Google left with...
learn to code

Best websites for programmers who want to learn to code

Today we are going to list some alternate websites which are a must follow for all those who want to learn programming. learn to code and improve your coding skills. Some of these sites offer great depth of knowledge...

SyntaxDB – A programming syntax ‘search engine’ for programmers

Hello Friends, This post is specially for programmers, who really want to learn lets learn about syntaxdb.Anthony Nguyen, a software developer studying at Queen’s University, has created Syntax DB which is a ‘search engine’ for programming syntax. This website calls itself...
windows duplicate file finder

How to find and remove duplicate files using windows duplicate file finder

Hello Friends... Today i am going to discuss about a common problem we all face on our PC or Laptop. Duplicate files are an obnoxious problem every Windows user has to face. We perform lots of copy and paste tasks...

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