PPC Marketing Types And Key Benefits Simplified

PPC marketing has made a massive impact on many online businesses. Statistics show that 79% of marketers claim (read more) PPCs were highly beneficial back in 2019. With that said, many online business owners would want to get their hands on this advertising model. And since we are at home, PPC would shine brighter as society slowly adapts to shopping online.

Are you looking for ways to increase your revenue from your sales? PPC can help you with that. PPC has different types, which can give you more options on how you would improve your capital. On top of that, they have four key benefits that are useful in growing your online businesses. In this article, we will discuss the PCC types and key benefits in a more simplified form for a better understanding of what it is all about.

What PPC Marketing Is All About

PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click, an online advertising model where advertisers pay a fee per person that clicks on their ads. The fee is paid to the advertisement platforms where advertisers place their ads. Metaphorically, advertisement platforms are like malls.

The shop inside a mall is your ads. Instead of paying for the rented space, you pay for every time a person visits your shop. The primary goal of the PPC is to lead potential customers to the advertiser’s app or website and make their purchase of the products.

The Fear Of Investing In PPC

Despite appearing beneficial, some are afraid of the downside of the model. The cost for PPC is cheaper than what it appears on the front side. Many online business owners are reluctant because the cost can stack up over time. Some clicks do not end up making sales which make many feel insecure about it. But contrary to the negative possibility, ads that are managed pretty well can end up increasing your sales and possibly increase the overall revenue!

PPC management services can help you oversee and manage your PPC campaign strategy for your online market. For Amazon, we have an Amazon PPC management service that brings many benefits, such as optimizing your ads. The service also helps you in making campaign strategies and is perfect for startup businesses who do not know a thing or two about the pay-per-click advertisement model.

Types Of Pay-Per-Click

  1. Paid Search Marketing
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Paid Search Marketing is the most common type of pay-per-click model. Search engines such as Google and Bing put your ads on the front page. The ads then appear typically at the top part after a particular keyword is searched in the engine. To set up your campaign, you write an ad copy, choosing relevant keywords for your products or services and selecting the appropriate web page from your site.

2 .Display Advertising

Have you seen image ads, text, or banners on websites you recently visited? If so, those are an example of display advertising. Text, image, or banners, when clicked, it links users to the advertiser’s website. This type typically has a lower click-through rate but has higher brand awareness in return and can still be beneficial.

3. Social Media Advertising

There is no denying that when it comes to website traffic, social media is the undisputed king. Facebook ranks as the most popular social media based on global audiences. With that said, it comes naturally for marketers to exploit the opportunity. This PPC type has a high click-through rate and brand awareness because of the population visiting social media. This type is also utilized to target different demographics and interests.

4. Affiliate Marketing

For affiliate marketing, the marketers create pay-per-click advertisements promoting your products and services. They then post it on search engines, highly-visited websites, and price comparison websites. This type is commission-based (link:, and affiliates compensated for any customer they can bring to your website. One good example of affiliate marketing is the Amazon affiliate program or Amazon associates.

Key Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click In General

  1. Increase Conversion Rate

Do you have conversion goals for your online business? Conversion goals are objectives based on measured completed actions by customers on your website. It serves as a benchmark for improvements and a track record of your marketing performance. Examples of this action are customers purchasing an ebook and downloading it from your site. With increased conversion rate, it will bring you closer to your conversion goals, ultimately improving your marketing performance.

2. Increase Brand Awareness Or Discoverability

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Brand awareness is essential to any online business. Brand awareness is one of the most crucial goals of any marketer. With the help of the Pay-per-click advertisement model, brand awareness comes easy. Ads are ubiquitous, meaning they can be found everywhere, in different types. With that said, this ultimately increases brand awareness.

3. Boosts Traffic

Pay-per-click is proven to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to boost up traffic to your website. PPC types such as display advertisements paid search marketing, and social media advertising is one click away! Though this may not guarantee sales, nonetheless increasing traffic to your website still gives many opportunities. Opportunities such as generating more qualified lead increasing potential customers.

4. Improved Search Rankings

Organic search rankings are unaffected by paid ads and are a different category. Top-ranking websites are found on the front page of search engines right after paid ads. With that said, it would be pretty hard to compete with high-ranking websites, so one of the solutions is – you guessed it – paying through ads. This is the sole purpose of paid search marketing type. Affiliate marketing also has these benefits as they post ads on search engines

Other notable benefits include:

  • Reaching Ideal CustomersThese are great for products that target specific demographics and interests.
  • PPC Are Launch In No TimeTime is money, as many businessmen would say, so the sooner you launch your campaign, the sooner it can improve your website’s traffic.
  • Different Pay-Per-Click Types Are Tested EasilyFor an indecisive bunch, testing the waters first before diving is a good move. Luckily, most PPC types can be tested out easily.

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