How To Set up Google AMP In WordPress

Hello Friends, In last post we learn about testing your site to google AMP Project. If your site has valid AMP structure then is beneficial for you.  53% of mobile users Jump a website that takes longer than three seconds to load. That means if you haven’t been paying attention to your mobile site loading times, you may be getting less traffic than you deserve. So it is important to Accelerate Your mobile site loading speed. so, here we learn about Set up Google AMP In WordPress.

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Add Google AMP To wordpress

When you want that most Google searches now occur on mobile. It becomes even more important to maximize your site’s mobile page speed. One new technology to help you accomplish that is Google Accelerated Mobile Pages or Google AMP. Google AMP speeds up the mobile version of your site by offering lightweight versions of your page. As a result, visitors get their content incredibly fast.

How to Set Up Google AMP for WordPress.

It’s easy to add Google AMP to WordPress Using an official plugin from Automattic. But, the official plugin doesn’t have any configuration options, so you’ll likely want to add an extension plugin to be able to further style how Google AMP looks and functions. Lets Explore how to add this.

How to configure Official Google AMP Plugin:

First Install Official Plugin Provided By WordPress: AMP plugin.

You don’t need to configure anything. As soon as you activate the plugin, it will automatically add AMP versions of all your posts.

Note: he plugin does not add AMP versions of your pages.

To verify that AMP is working properly, you can add “/amp” to the end of the URL of one of your WordPress posts. Example:amp example

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