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A3Trading India, security and investment training


The trend of choosing an online broker as a way to make money is increasing year after year. Due to the diverse range of online brokers that provide different investment services to users from different parts of the world, it is a little more complicated than a few years ago, especially for inexperienced users, to determine where the differences between them lie and how to choose the most suitable one. In this article we tell you about the most important features of A3Trading India, an important option to register, start investing and make money.

One of the most important factors to take into account when dealing with so many brokers is to verify that you are dealing with a reliable company. Given that the operations carried out in an online broker are related to the use of money, it is essential to choose a serious, transparent and professional broker. But how can you be sure of the security offered by a broker?

One of the ways in which we can verify the reliability of a broker, is to check if its platform has information so that users can know if it is a regulated broker, and if so, what kind of body and regulations supervise it. This aspect is very important for all types of users, given that a regulated broker operates within the framework of a series of rules that seek to guarantee the protection of users’ money and information.

A3Trading India and SECURE

A3Trading India has 3D Secure, which is a security protocol that has been developed to prevent fraud with online credit and debit card transactions. Emerging from the collective work of Visa (Verified by Visa) and MasterCard (MasterCard SecureCode), it is the most up-to-date method of fraud prevention currently available. The user will know that they are protected against unauthorised use of their credit or debit card with an authentication process between the cardholder, the bank processing the payment and the Visa or MasterCard issuers.  The security of users’ money and information is one of the most important priorities of this broker, and that is why 3D Secure payments provide the opportunity to have a stronger form of authentication so that each and every transaction is as secure as possible today.

The operation mode has a few simple steps, which will ensure security and transparency in the operations carried out by the users.

  • The 3D security code or password must be entered each time a deposit is made.
  • Once this step has been completed, the credit or debit card payment option must be selected and the required data entered. 
  • The next step is to display a pop-up window that only the user can view and it is there, when they will be asked to enter their own code or password that they defined when registering for 3D Secure at their bank. 
  • Finally, the card issuing bank will authenticate you and approve the transaction so that you can complete the payment process.

A3Trading and its outstanding tools for a better investment 

The quality of a broker also depends on the tools it offers to the user so that they can deploy the best possible trading strategies. In that line, A3Trading India has included in its platform the most advanced technical analysis and instant information tools.

This broker includes Autochartist which performs the function of analysing the markets in real time instead of the user having to do so. This allows each investor to save valuable time spent reading charts and searching for opportunities on their own. In this way, Autochartist continuously scans the markets to automatically recognise opportunities and trading behaviour based on support and resistance levels. The moment an investment opportunity is detected, the user is notified.

It is a comprehensive solution that saves the A3Trading India user a lot of time and improves the information available for future investments. Among the most important features, we can mention.

  • Automated technical analysis: This tool analyses chart patterns, price forecasts, support and resistance levels, among others.
  • Probability filters: After performing this type of analysis, the tool filters out significant market events and checks past performance and patterns to finally find the best investment opportunities. 
  • Volatility analysis: One of the most important functions, especially for beginners, as it identifies when the market is most volatile, and helps you set appropriate exit levels.
  • Daily market reports: Reading this type of information, the more regular and systematic it is, the more beneficial it is for users. Autochartist sends daily updates and important market changes, so that no updated information is overlooked.

A3Trading India trains beginners and experts

The degree of information and training is not exclusive to start investing, but it will become more and more important throughout the operations, since if you want to understand the market better, you need to handle the broker’s tools as well as possible. It is well known that most of the users who make money in an online broker have received some kind of training and advice.

A3Trading India includes among its service, a course that delves into the most basic rules of trading and investment oriented for beginners, as well as attaching a complete review of the services and trading tools at its disposal. The broker invites users to learn as much as possible about the relationship with their account executive, the mobile application and the economic calendar. And not least, you will grow in all aspects of online trading, i.e. you will have a better chance of earning profits.

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