Best Applications for Teachers

Best Applications for Teachers

With the advancement in technology, many mobile applications meant for teachers have been developed to redefine students’ teaching processes and learning experiences. Many teachers are moving to online teaching as it has its advantages over conventional teaching methods.  Some of the expected benefits are convenience, flexibility, reach to a broad audience, and the many available resources, including term paper assistance. If you seek to take your classes online, here are some options of the best applications for teachers. 


Teachmint platform has unique and edge features, making it one of the best for teachers focused on switching to online teaching.  It is effortless to use, making it the best app for online education.  The platform is secure, simple, and affordable, making your transition easy. It has features such as fee management, automated grading, content sharing, live class recording, and many more that come in handy. 

2. Animoto 

Animoto is the best option if you are seeking to create presentations and videos of your lessons.  You can easily engage the students in the learning process, making it enjoyable by having presentations with images, sound clips, and videos. It has features such as customization options, various font options, and high-quality videos. 

3. TeacherKit

Shifting to online teaching may not be as easy as you may think. There are some changes to work through. Using TeacherKit, you can digitize your routine tasks like the recording of grades and taking attendance.  You can easily track your students‘ performance and improvements.  The app has features such as digital classroom tools, progress reports options, grading systems, and grading reports.

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4. Educreations

 Educreations is a whiteboard mobile application that is meant to make your work easy. You can create tutorials for students that can be easily understood using features such as diagrams, animations, and visual aids. The video editor feature helps edit videos and other features like cloud sync, easy content sharing, and others, making it suitable for you. 

5. Schoology

It is an educational app that easily allows students and teachers to post assignments, videos, projects, and any other learning material. It is essential in classroom management and its features of webpage tools, calendars, tools for creating lessons that provide unique learning and teaching experience. 

6. Quizizz

Quizizz is super helpful to both students and teachers. As a teacher, you can readily create quizzes and circulate them to your students. Your class can become more interactive and will cut back on monotony. Its features such as student-centric, easy screen sharing, and automatic results, and automatic reviews make it a unique app to try. 

7. StudyBlue Flashcards

The StudyBlue flashcard application helps create digital flashcards, notes, and learning materials to make teaching and learning efficient, effective, and enjoyable. Tracking of learning progress is easy and adds color to teaching as well as learning. It has offline mode features, digital flashcards, personal profiles options, among others. 

8. Duolingo

If you are looking to teach or learn a new language, Duolingo educational app covers that. The lessons and sessions are gamified, giving it a uniqueness not found in other apps. With the dashboard features and reports, you can quickly analyze the students’ growth pace. 

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9. Seesaw

The seesaw educational app eases communication between a teacher and the student. With the learning curve feature, you can analyze the student learning process effectively. Reports provide more understanding and knowledge of a student to determine how far they are in their learning journey. 


Many applications can be used when you decide on shifting to online classes.  Such teaching applications save you time and allow you to reach many students seeking to enhance their knowledge in a particular field. Immediately you learn how the app works, you are sure of your internet connection stability, and have chosen the right app, you will have a fun online teaching experience.

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