Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Cloud Computing for 2021

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We are flooded with data, most of it available via reliable internet connections. Cloud computing’s dramatic rise has made it possible to store large volumes of data remotely. While this is great for consumers who are no longer constrained by hard drive space, cloud computing is also a game-changer for enterprises. The large cloud computing business, which is expected to increase from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion in 2025, requires experienced cloud experts. You may not have considered a career in cloud architecture or cloud computing. Yet, practically every business is implementing cloud technology to improve efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. Take up a postgraduate program in cloud computing to expand your knowledge and skills in this sector, whether you’re currently employed or looking for a new career path in cloud computing. Before discussing best Bachelor’s degree programs, let’s know what cloud computing is and its significance nowadays.

Cloud computing – Its significance in today’s world

Cloud computing is a buzzword. It is just storing and accessing data and programs via the internet rather than your computer’s hard drive. When it comes down to it, “cloud” is just an Internet analogy. 

Cloud computing is transforming the way many firms function. The advantages of cloud computing include scalability, data recovery, ease of use, low maintenance, and increased security. In the future, traditional IT services will be replaced by cloud computing. One can avoid on-site hardware and software purchases and data center construction costs with cloud computing. Cloud computing is also scalable, which means it can supply the proper quantity of IT services at the right time, regardless of demand.

Best Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Cloud Computing

Based on the research findings, the top five cloud computing courses accessible and Best Bachelor’s Degree in India are:

  • Simplilearn’s Postgraduate Program in Cloud Computing 

With the help of the Caltech Center for Technology & Management Education (CTME), Simplilearn has developed a postgraduate program in cloud computing that is comprehensive and career-ready. It’s an excellent option for working professionals who want to change careers or improve their cloud computing abilities over a year. With Amazon and Microsoft as partners, Simplilearn can provide up-to-date and relevant materials for today’s working professionals.

  • Great Lakes’ PGP in Cloud Computing
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Have an interest in cloud architecture and want to learn more about popular cloud platforms, applications, and processes? Suppose you’re an IT professional with at least three years of experience in testing/assurance. In that case, database administration or technology infrastructure management and getting an industry-recognized certification, consider taking the six-month Great Lakes’ PGP in Cloud Computing course.

  • University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) ‘s Cloud Computing Architecture Master’s Degree 

With the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education designation from the NSA and DHS, UMGC’s Cloud Computing Architecture Master’s Degree provides extensive training in cloud systems. In this cloud computing master’s degree program, you’ll learn about business operations such as financial management, procurement, and communication. A cloud-based architecture can be implemented at all levels of a business by graduates.

  • UpGrad’s Executive PGP Software Development – Specialisation in Cloud Computing

During this seven-month course, you’ll learn how to construct a cloud-native application infrastructure. As an IIIT Bangalore alumnus, you get more than 250 hours of training, one-on-one personal mentorship from Cloud Computing Experts, and assistance in finding employment. If you want to become a sought-after cloud computing professional, this is one of the most excellent options. As a result of working on industry projects, you’ll master a variety of cloud computing abilities.

  • Jigsaw Academy’s Postgraduate Certificate Program in Cloud Computing

Learners in this six-month course will learn how to migrate and install enterprise web applications on public cloud platforms efficiently. One-stop training for popular Cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is provided in this six-month program to ensure that students are ready for the future. The PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing provides all students with an in-depth grasp of this new technology and hands-on experience with numerous cloud platforms. Using MS in Cloud, students will learn how to migrate their applications to the cloud.  

  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education’s PG Certificate Program in Cloud Computing
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People who desire to develop their professions in cloud computing might consider the Manipal Pro-Learn’s PG program in Cloud Computing. An advanced Cloud Computing course will help you discover Cloud Computing while providing an in-depth understanding of the most commonly used Cloud technologies, including Azure and AWS. You’ll be deemed a solid and knowledgeable cloud developer after completing the Cloud Computing online course.

Future outlook of Cloud Computing in India and the rest of the world

Cloud computing courses and computer science degrees are in high demand in India and worldwide because of additional specialists and workers in broadband technology. The on-demand solution to storing and retrieving data around the world is cloud computing. In recent years, the demand for IT expertise in India and worldwide to deal with cloud computing has risen significantly. With the help of an M.Sc. degree in cloud computing and additional professional knowledge, one can pursue certification programs online to gain a broader range of employment chances in high-profile firms.

Due to the great demand for employees’ talents in this sphere of employment, many students are offered jobs in India and overseas to complete a master’s degree. The Cloud computing business is predicted to grow by 30 percent as it expands, creating many opportunities for those who get involved. Cloud computing offers a broad spectrum of career options to those with degrees in engineering and technology. Many of these people are choosing this path because of this.

Wrapping up

Cloud computing professionals are in high demand as more and more of the world’s data is kept in the cloud. These programs are tailored to fit in with your hectic schedule. However, you need to do your research and determine whether or not these institutions are a good fit for your requirements before applying. It’s never been a better moment for Indian professionals to hone their cloud computing skills and launch their careers in this fast-growing industry.

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