What is Botnet and How to prevent from botnet attack
Botnets are systems comprised of remote-controlled PCs, or “bots.” These PCs have been contaminated with malware that enables them to be remotely controlled. Some botnets comprise of many thousands — or even millions — of PCs. Botnets are very dangerous for Bitcoin minnings. so, learn about botnet attack in this articles. Read more: Best Google adsense… (4 comments)

What Are The Android oreo features and specifications
Android O is now official. Google released the first developer builds for the major update of its mobile operating system for Nexus and Pixel devices, While it largely features behind-the-scenes improvements and fixes for rough edges Google left with Nougat, there are numerous tiny. you should also know about the android oreo features.  Read More: Google… (0 comment)

SyntaxDB – A programming syntax ‘search engine’ for programmers
Hello Friends, This post is specially for programmers, who really want to learn programming.so lets learn about syntaxdb. Anthony Nguyen, a software developer studying at Queen’s University, has created Syntax DB which is a ‘search engine’ for programming syntax. This website calls itself the programming syntax database and allows coders to search programming related query. Nguyen says SyntaxDB is… (0 comment)