List of Best & Cheap SSL certificate providers 2017

Cheap SSL certificate providers 2017

Here are the list of Best & Cheap SSL certificate providers 2017. There are a Billion of websites in the world today and creating hundreds of daily. Hackers have become too good to find their way into any secure website. Their hacking methods have become very easy using website vulnerabilities like website cloning, SQL injection, XSS scripting, etc. These methods are not easy for new bloggers and website owners to secure their website. Thus they finding some method to secure their website with hackers. Thus was born SSL certificate providers. The thing with SSL certificate providers is that it is usually a matter of who’s popular. Let’s See the most popular and Trusted SSL Certificate Providers list.

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Cheap SSL certificate providers 2017

What is an SSL certificate Providers?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer, which connects your computer to a server that is secure.  SSL is typically used to transfer your credit card details, personal information, banking details and tax information over to another business server.  if you have an e-commerce website where you sell anything, then you should secure your site using an SSL certificate. This is to guarantee to your customers that their information won’t be stolen and that they will not fall victim to identity theft. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

List of best & cheap SSL certificate providers

You have to think and be very careful when it comes to cheapest and best SSL certificate providers. Here are some of the popular SSL certificate authorities and SSL resellers that you can consider:


SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of popular SSL Certificate Authorities – Comodo, Symantec, GlobalSign, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL and AlphaSSL and selling SSL certificates at market lowest price, starts from just $8.67. SSL2BUY promises to provide same quality certificate at highly discounted price as issued directly by preferred certificate authority. SSL2BUY offers unparalleled security solutions and services to protect small, medium and large volume website. They are assured to bring strong 256-bit SSL and 2048-bit key encryption to secure online communication over the Internet. Free SSL installation support and 30 days money back guarantee make them more reliable and trustworthy. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

Visit Here is one of its kind, India’s first E-commerce platform with full fledged system to buy SSL Certificate online. It has platinum partners of the world’s leading CA’s like Symantec, Thawte, Geotrust, RapidSSL, Comodo. It is the sole property of Adweb Technologies Pvt. Ltd. founded by Mr. Apurva Mody. is the Best SSL Certificate Provider in India of its category. It already provides security to many Big companies like Punjab National Bank, Federal Bank and many more.

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Geotrust is the one of the reputed and popular SSL ccertificate provider. It offer a wide range of SSL certificates. You can also purchase bulk certificates and manage it easily. Basic encryption costs $149, while maximum security is guaranteed at only $299. consumer Support is mind blowing. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

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Godaddy is the biggest domain registration company, But it also offer SSL Certificates to consumers. According to me it is Strongest encryption on the market. It’s basic package start from approx $75 per year and max Package is of $310.  It’s all package includes “Boosts your site’s Google ranking”. Its consumer support 24/7 make it more efficient. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

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Comodo is the another trusted SSL certificate providers . This SSL Provider also offers Free Antivirus, Internet Security, Firewall, Endpoint Security and other PC Security software for Windows & all OS. Comodo offers up to 256-bit encryption and trusted by most of all browsers. SSL package starts at $64.95 and you can set it up in just minutes. Max package cost $359 annually. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

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Network Solutions

Network Solutions is the another popular SSL certificate provider. It claims that it has lowest SSL certificate cost. Network Solutions provideSSL Certificate at only $50. It offer both 128/256 bit encryption which is supportable by all Browsers. It offer 24/7 chat support. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

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RapidSSL is the another trusted and value for money SSL Certificate provider. It offers  all domain and sub domain security. RapidSSL security is on 256-bit encryption Supported by all popular browser. It offer 99% uptime and secure. It’s consumer support 24/7 make it more efficient among clients. It’s basic package starts from $60 and max package is of cost approx $350. Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers.

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Hope you will enjoy this article on “Best and Cheap SSL certificate providers“. Let me know which Best SSL certificate provider you use in comment box. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and relatives. Keep visiting Techwiki… 🙂

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