Brief idea about consumer behaviour to installation and use of apps

installation and use of apps

Since the beginning of human civilization, two things have changed human life – discovery of fire and second, the Internet. As the penetration of Internet started increasing, Smartphone came into the market creating further impact on human life. From buying groceries to booking a travel destination, everything can be arranged through a Smartphone. It has also impacted the life of those who do sports betting on a regular basis. Most of the betting sites have gone online and bettors can now bet nowadays through their Smartphone. People also play video poker games with the help of their Smartphone. Starting from online banking to booking air ticket, everything can be possible with the help of a Smartphone. It now controls and supports us in many of our daily activities throughout the day. The combination of Smartphone and the Internet is a revolution in our daily life. Check out the article about consumer behavior to installation and use of apps.

Most of these activities are now possible with the help of apps which are installed in the Smartphone. Users, either knowingly or unknowingly start using the apps from the early morning before taking tea to late night while chatting with their friends or relatives. Some of the apps are preinstalled in the Smartphone, while others are installed by the users after purchasing the Smartphone.

It may be that you are on your way to fix up a meeting or want to see your fitness routine, keeping an estimate of your weekly budget, everything is possible with the app installed in the Smartphone. Everything from where you want to go or what you want to do, or what you want to buy, is controlled by the apps there. Research has shown that people, on an average spend 30 hours of time on their apps every month. To many people, activities in their daily life are not complete without the use of these apps.

These apps are also considered to be a major tool of marketing for big companies who want to make their relationship deeper with their customers. The apps which support mobile app marketing take great advantage of this technology. In addition to the mobile websites, the companies which have mobile app marketing take advantage of it to a great extent. It acts as a great tool to the marketing effort of the company as it helps to create a bond between the customers and the brand.

A big research was conducted among a large section of Smartphone users and it was found that a user never uses one fourth of the apps which are installed in his or her Smartphone. Marketers have a wrong idea that Smartphone users rush in to the app store to find a new app. Yes, it is true in 40% of the cases. It has been found that 40% of the Smartphone users go to the app stores to find a new app. But 60% of the Smartphone users got to know about an app by searching the Internet. He may come to know by chat with his friend or by watching some YouTube video. Doing some form of search on the Internet is a major form of accessing the apps and it accounts for 60% of the search for apps. 

If a business traveller wants to travel to New York from Miami he may look for a place to stay. If he is a frequent flyer, then he may install an app for hotel booking in his Smartphone so that every time he flies, he can open the app and find a hotel suitable for his stay. Hotels enlisted with the app may reach to their prospective customers with the help of this app.

Most of the local apps are obtained through search engines. Technical apps and travel apps are also obtained from search. In the tech app, people look out for reviews of some gadgets and in travel, they look for hotels and confirmation of travel tips.

Search ads also help to know your app to the consumers. Search ads are found to be very effective in download of new apps. 50% of the Smartphone users say that they download the ad because they got impressed by seeing it in a search ad. It has been found in the research that search ads just do not make the app visible, but also plays a great role in the download of the app. The app becomes visible when the consumer is searching for a particular ad and is going for its download. The marketer has to be sure that the user must see his app as soon as he starts searching for apps for his interest. One has to remember that around 3 million apps are available in the market and so your app has to stand out among them in order to become visible and get the desired number of downloads.

One has to promote his app using the interest and experience of the consumer and campaign on mobile app installation help a lot in this regard. Promote your app through display images and video and try to increase its reach to a large number of audiences. The brand will become more popular once the app reaches out to a larger audience and the company will start getting more orders through the app. Just ensure that the app is widely available on the Internet and more people will download since it is widely visible.

Once the app is installed, the maker needs to think of engaging the audience to the app. In most cases, it has been found that the user loses interest in using the app after some time. Hence the user must see that the app has got something which makes the life of the user much simple. Providing some discount coupon on shopping or some travel vouchers for travel on purchase of a certain amount can make the app more appealing to the user. The basic intention of a brand must be that the user must use it again and again. A big brand must think in that way.

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