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Facebook to Launch Dark Mode for It’s Mobile App Users Soon

After the latest Android update, the Dark Mode feature has become really popular. In fact, in recent times, users want to use dark mode on every app they use. Well, the reason is simple. Dark Mode not only provides an attractive look to a particular app, but it also saves the battery of your device.

And when you have a smartphone with Amoled Display, you should definitely check out dark mode for the apps that you use the most. And you’ll surely fall in love with the dark mode of the apps. It makes the overall app using experience great.

Facebook App Getting Dark Mode for Mobile Users

Google already has enabled dark mode feature on most of their apps. And there are many popular apps that are allowing the users to use their app in dark mode. However, that’s not the case with Facebook.

The Facebook desktop version has already got dark mode support. But, the mobile app doesn’t have this feature till now. Well, we all know that Facebook, one of the most popular social media platforms, has more mobile users than desktop users. So, they should launch dark mode for mobile users as well.

And here’s the good news comes. Because Facebook is going to provide a dark mode option on its mobile app. Probably in the next major update, users will get this feature. So, if you are waiting for the dark mode feature to come on the Facebook app, then you may have to wait for a few days.

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Facebook already has rolled out the dark mode feature for some selected users globally. But, it can take time to enable the dark mode feature for all its users. Till then, you can use the built-in dark mode of Android 10 to use any app in dark mode.


Whatsapp, which is a subsidiary of Facebook, already have got the dark mode option. And it received a great response from the users. Everybody is loving the dark mode option of Whatsapp. But for Facebook, the result yet to come. Until we get the taste of Facebook mobile app dark mode, we can’t say it’ll be good or bad.

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