How to Fax from Wireless Printers without Phone Lines


When you happen to be here, you had to wonder how the printer could fax. But this comprehensive guide has it all. From having different methods to fax from printer to fax by not using any kind of printer at all, this read explains everything. There are no other places you can find such methodologies.

These various options are available for individuals having various printer types and requirements. There are also ways to fax someone free of charge. For having enough knowledge and to discover more great ways, follow my lead and continue reading.

Fax by Printer

It might sound like it that faxing through a fax-friendly printer would be faster than with a fax-free printer. The reality is just the other way around, though.


If there is fax capacity on your printer, it must be connected to the telephone wire, the one which you use for your landline number. Your printer will have an inlet for this telephone wire.

In addition, if you would like to receive faxes too through your printer, then the printer needs to be switched on 24 hours. Otherwise, you will not get all the faxes. During the while when the printer is switched off, you will skip all the faxes sent to you.

So, for a successful receiving of your faxes, your printer must be enabled each and every time. Now let us learn about the procedure for faxing through a fax printer.

Steps to Send Fax through Fax Printer using Drivers

Step 1: To begin with, you need to set up all the important connections and links. Your printer must be linked to the telephone cable and also to the device you are using. To learn how to set up your printer, use the manual given with your printer.

Step 2: Download the drivers on your computer for the printer. This you can do by either inserting the printer’s CD or by using the internet. Open the relative document you wish to fax and give it the print command.

Step 3: Fill in the fax number of the receiving person or firm and then press the ‘Send’ button. The rest of the work is done by your printer, which will in turn dial the fax number of the receiver that you wrote and then send your fax to it.

You will be notified about the status of your fax delivery, either through a popup message on the screen or by a printed notification ( the latter feature is only available in some latest printers ).

Receive Fax via Printer

As we mentioned earlier, in order to receive faxes through a printer, your printer needs to be switched on at every moment. The moment your printer turns off, it stops receiving any kind of faxes.

If the printer is activated and cable-connected, the fax you get will be printed right away. Most contemporary printers have small built-in storage as well. At the time when your printer is short of paper, the fax can also be printed later on when you give the printing command.

But if there is no fax function in your printer, what will you do then? It’s simple, follow the steps in the following section quickly to find an amazing way to fax – CocoFax..!!. This method helps you in a way that you do not need any additional hardware to achieve it.

Online Fax Software Applications – CocoFax

With most of the printers, faxing services are unable to reach, how are you going to fax through them? One way to achieve this is to add the faxing equipment to the printer later on. This, however, cannot be made viable on the economic front.

A much simpler and uncomplicated process is possible, that not only frees you from all the hassle of using printers, fax machines, telephone lines but also is the best way around. Now we are going to discuss it.


If you were worrying that your printer does not support faxing then all your worries will leave now as this is the faxing method which has the simplest of requirements and does not demand any kind of printer at all.

CocoFax is a high-profile online fax service that allows sending and receiving faxes online for free without any complicated hardware necessities. Including sending a fax from your mobile phone to faxing even from a desktop, it can do anything imaginable. And it helps you, depending on your easiness, to do that in several respects.

CocoFax is the right choice if you are wondering that can you fax from a wireless printer without phone lines. CocoFax is one of the world’s largest providers of free online fax services.

Basic Requirements

Some of the prerequisites needed to fax through CocoFax are as follows.

  1. Internet-established device – the device that you are going to use, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone, must be connected to the internet
  2. CocoFax Account – For using its amazing features, you need to be an account holder at CocoFax.
  3. Fax Number – CocoFax provides you with a fax number totally free.

Sending Fax using CocoFax Online Dashboard

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to register yourself on CocoFax website if you are not already registered. You can go for any subscription plan or the 30 day free trial. If you sign-up using the free trial, then you will also be given a free of cost fax number.

For your convenience, CocoFax leaves the job of choosing the free fax number on you. Yes, you get to pick your fax number yourself at CocoFax. You will not be given any complicated fax number by the company, CocoFax


Step 2: After signing up, you will be directly taken to your online dashboard where all your faxes are shown.


Step 3: Click on the ‘New Fax’ button at the top and fill in all the details relative to your fax. in the ‘To’ field, comes the fax address of the relative recipient, so write it there. Fax address looks like this ‘’, fax number followed by site address.

Then there is the ‘Subject’ field. It is not compulsory, but anything written here appears at the top of your fax document. Another optional field is that of ‘Cover Page’. Text written here comes on the first page of your document.


After attaching your fax document, press the ‘Send’ button to send the fax free online. What happens here is that instead of the printer, CocoFax dials the fax number of the recipient and sends your fax. Furthermore, you also get notified about your fax delivery.

Receiving Fax using CocoFax Online Dashboard

Where receiving faxes is concerned, CocoFax does the simplest job for you. It receives all the faxes you get and puts them on your dashboard.

Whenever you have time or you need to, you can access them anywhere on every device. Just log in to your account and you will see all your faxes in the inbox tab of your dashboard.


There is so much more to CocoFax but it is up to you now to explore the rest of it. If you think you can afford and get along with telephone lines and printers then the printer is one way to fax your documents. Otherwise, you always have a more suitable option of CocoFax. You can start using it anywhere anytime.

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